Unlocking the potential of online communities – looking beyond the surface

Sponsored by: Health Union

Olivier Chateau, CEO and Co-founder, Health Union
Tim Armand, President and Co-founder, Health Union

Thursday - September 20, 2018 / 1:00pm ET / 10am PT
Free Event

While online communities have emerged as a critical component of understanding the experiences of people living with chronic conditions, there is so much more to learn and uncover beneath the surface. In this webinar, Health Union, a pioneer in creating open, online health communities (19 and counting), including migraine.com, multiplesclerosis.net and lungcancer.net, discusses the how to bring the right people together and how a well-orchestrated, genuine model allows patients and partners to engage in ways that are – and will continue to become increasingly beneficial to patients and the healthcare industry.

During this webinar, Tim and Olivier will address – and attendees will learn:

  • How leveraging the optimal combination of information, validation and connection brings the right people together in a way that makes it easy to reach and engage them
  • How continued cultivation and development of online communities drive inherent means for pharma partners to understand how to build smart, effective programs
  • How the growth and effectiveness of Health Union’s model will continue to build solutions for patients and partners that will stay ahead of the needs

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Learn critical lessons for building sustainable online communities
  • Discover how to maximize open communities for smarter, more effective decisions
  • Understand how community engagement can be used as a proactive tool to anticipate needs

Who should attend:

  • C-suite, senior marketers, brand managers from pharma and biotech companies
  • Agency leaders, strategic account managers, media planners

About the Sponsors

Health Union makes participating in the patient journey effortless for industry partners. Every day, Health Union encourages social interactions that evolve into valuable online health conversations, helping people with chronic conditions find the information, connection and validation they seek. Simultaneously, these efforts advance the knowledge of biopharmaceutical partners, delivering valuable solutions that make consumer-focused marketing programs smarter and more effective. Today, Health Union owns and operates 19 online health brands, including LungCancer.net, MultipleSclerosis.net and Type2Diabetes.com.

For more information please visit health-union.com.

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