The Next Frontier in Patient Adherence Programs

Sponsored by: VMS BioMarketing

Abby Mallon, SVP and Chief Compliance Officer, VMS BioMarketing

Thursday - February 18, 2021 / 1:00pm ET
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As biopharma’s investment in patient adherence solutions continues to rise, there is an unprecedented wave of innovation in the marketplace. The growth in many newly launched capabilities that are technology enabled, data-driven, and combined with human connection are helping brands to better anticipate patient needs, personalize ongoing support, and maximize impact on patient outcomes—all while ensuring efficiency in the allocation of resources. Join VMS BioMarketing for a forward-leaning conversation about what the next frontier of patient support programs will look for the industry as biopharma adopts these new-to-market offerings including: predictive analytics to design adherence interventions, data platforms to capture real-world data (RWD) and patient-reported outcomes (PROs), and holistic support models designed to adapt in real time to address the evolving needs patients.

Key takeaways:

  1. What the rapid pace innovation happening in the patient adherence market means for Biopharma
  2. How advanced predictive analytics can help personalize and tailor support to maximize both efficacy and efficiency
  3. How capturing RWD and PROs in patient conversations can support brand strategy and other key initiatives, including value-based contracting
  4. How new holistic patient support models are creating dynamic patient journeys

About the Sponsors

VMS BioMarketing is a leading provider of nurse-led patient and HCP engagement solutions focused on empowering patients and healthcare providers through education, training, and ongoing health coaching. For more than 20 years, VMS has provided the high-touch, personalized support necessary to ensure patients successfully start and stay on therapy, leading to better health outcomes. On behalf of our biopharma partners, we currently deliver 1M+ patient and healthcare provider engagements in person and virtually through our network of 800+ nurse educators nationwide.

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