Just-In-Time Enrollment for Oncology Trials: Get to First Patient In Faster & Mitigate Non-Enrolling Sites

Sponsored by: Acurian

Krystyna Kowalczyk, Chief Operations Officer, Optimal Research
David Trotter, Manager, Oncology Network, Optimal Research

Tuesday - February 20, 2018 / 2:00pm EST
Free Event

Despite scientific advances, oncology clinical trials are still challenged by delayed trial timelines, slow site activation and poor patient enrollment. To overcome these barriers, we need to redefine the enrollment paradigm.

A new trial methodology has been developed that addresses these challenges and provides sponsors with the enrollment and budget solution needed to more effectively plan for or recover from enrollment delays that threaten time-to-file and time-to-market. This model unlocks the potential of sites and patients, transforming start-up from trial implementation to trial acceleration.

This webinar will explore the overall model and its key facets, including:

  • How patient-centric activation can expedite FPI from months to weeks
  • How to accelerate enrollment by increasing the patient pool with little to no risk
  • How sponsors’ reliance on in-practice patients at over-tapped academic centers is the ultimate driver of slow enrollment
  • How sponsors can mitigate non-enrolling sites
  • How to reduce study start-up times and costs
  • Success metrics from past and current oncology trials

Join this free informational webinar to learn how the Just-In-Time methodology can increase your pool of eligible patients while saving you time and money as your compound progresses to market.

About the Sponsors

For 20 years, Acurian has recruited patients for 900 clinical studies across 100+ indications and 70+ of countries around the world. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Acurian increases the enrollment performance of investigator sites worldwide by identifying, contacting, pre-screening and referring people who live in the local community but are unknown to a research site. As a result, trial sponsors complete enrollment without incurring the unexpected expense of adding sites or time. When you can’t afford a delay in patient enrollment, only Acurian can deliver the patients you need, when and where you need them.

For more information please visit www.acurian.com/.

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