Increasing Enrollment While Reducing Sites

Sponsored by: Acurian

Roger Smith, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Acurian

Tuesday - April 11, 2017 / 11am EDT
Free Event

After decades of delayed trial timelines, slow site setup and poor patient enrollment remain the top barriers to completing clinical studies on time and on budget. However, a new trial model has surfaced that flattens these obstacles and provides sponsors with the enrollment and budget certainty they need to more effectively plan for study launch or recover from enrollment delays that threaten time-to-file and time-to-market. The model unlocks the power of sites and patients, transforming them from trial impediments to trial accelerators.

This webinar will explore the overall model and its key facets, including:

  • How patient-first enrollment feasibility informs patient accrual costs and timelines
  • How sponsors’ reliance on in-practice patients is the ultimate driver of slow enrollment and misguided planning
  • How reducing sites and countries actually allows for faster patient enrollment
  • How introducing global site networks dramatically reduces study start-up times and costs, while increasing data quality
  • Which therapeutic indications can gain a competitive edge and lower cost of development by leveraging this model

Who Should Attend

Sponsors who work in clinical development, clinical operations, outsourcing, finance, or patient recruitment are encouraged to attend. An interactive Q&A will follow the main presentation.

About the Sponsors

Founded in 1998, Acurian, a subsidiary of PPD, is a leading full-service provider of patient enrollment and retention solutions for the life sciences industry. The company increases the enrollment performance of investigator sites worldwide by identifying, contacting, pre-screening and referring people who live in the local community but are unknown to a research site. As a result, trial sponsors complete enrollment without incurring the unexpected expense of adding sites or time.

When you can’t afford a delay in patient enrollment…
Only Acurian can deliver the patients you need, when and where you need them.

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