The Future of HCP Engagement

Sponsored by: Avant Healthcare

Arun Divakaruni, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Avant Healthcare
Sean Markwardt, PhD, Managing Director of Medical Affairs, Avant Healthcare

Tuesday - November 10, 2020 / 1:00 PM ET
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This webinar will challenge the audience to rethink “traditional” strategies and tactics for healthcare professional (HCP) customer interaction. Here we will explore how to take inspiration from artists like David Bowie and industry disruptors like Tesla and show it can be applied to evolve deeper engagement with HCPs. This engaging webinar is dedicated to examining current and future trends, learning from adjacent markets, applying how to connecting to HCPs not on the basis of their profession, but rather on their engagement with innovation, technology, society, and culture – just like the rest of us.

Key takeaways:

  • Discuss examples of successful enterprises in our modern times who met fundamental changes in the nature of information exchange via connections to the digital world
  • Uncover strategies that embrace technological and societal change and foster authentic HCP engagement
  • Learn how shifting from an awareness-driven model to a value creation model can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections

About the Sponsors

Avant Healthcare is a medical and marketing communications agency that strategically partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to engage and educate healthcare providers. By reshaping medical education, Avant Healthcare helps change the beliefs of healthcare provider audiences.

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