Reaching for 99% compliance and engagement in clinical trials

Sponsored by: Datacubed Health

Paul Glimcher, Ph,D. President & Chief Executive Officer, Datacubed Health
Hannah Bayer, Ph,D. Chief Scientific Officer, Datacubed Health

Tuesday - May 14, 2019 / 1:00pm ET / 10am PT
Free Event

Patient engagement and participation rates drive the speed and cost of clinical trials. Improving compliance and retention reduces costs, improves data quality, achieves earlier study-lock, and reduces costly failures. Initial industry efforts with modern mobile digital tools suggest that dramatic improvements in compliance and retention are possible.

Still, despite some notable examples, we also see numerous digital systems that fail to achieve their stated goals. Patients, caregivers and clinicians may be provided with too many tablets and smartphones, devices that fail to respect proven modern tenets of user interface design and instead rely on slow, archaic, text-based interactions that have been abandoned by nearly every other industry in the digital space. Modern consumer-based protocols for interface design, however, offer proven compliance rates that often exceed 95%.

During this presentation, we will describe the advantages of modern design and UX (user experience) concepts, like those used in consumer apps. We will show how these standard modern approaches yield a more rewarding patient-centric experience. We will describe several innovative concepts used to nudge and track patients, to create a 360-degree experience for participants, clinical sites, and primary care physicians. We will conduct an exciting poll for the audience about the evolution of digital devices used in clinical studies.

During and after the session, you will learn:

  • How to calculate the huge and unnecessary cost of provisioning devices
  • Unique behavioral science approaches to E-notifications, participant tracking, patient engagement and compliance nudging

Who should attend:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Patient Engagement
  • Feasibility and Site Startup
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Project Management
  • Chief Medical/Scientific Officer
  • Medical Science Liaison

About the Sponsors

Datacubed Health is a pioneering technology company making better science and healthier communities a reality. We apply individualized solutions for the capture of data, including smartphone apps, wearable, in-home, and environmental sensors. We specialize in remote engagement with patients and virtual clinical studies.

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