Improving patient engagement through design psychology principles

Sponsored by: Mad*Pow

Amy Bucher, Ph.D., Director, Behavior Change Design, Mad*Pow

Tuesday - April 24, 2018 / 1:00pm EDT / 10am PT
Free Event

For years, we’ve been hearing that digital health is the future, but so far, patient engagement has been low. Research on digital health interventions has generally found lack-luster usage and retention over time.  Yet we all know that successful evidence-based interventions that support better health, including medication adherence, lifestyle changes, and symptom management are very possible and good examples exist. Using design psychology as a foundation is a great place to start. By grounding our companion digital apps in research, supporting and reinforcing the fundamental psychological needs of their users, and observing best practices, we can create digital health interventions that engage users and produce meaningful results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital health interventions have clear promise for pharmaceutical companies to help patients with medication and treatment adherence, lifestyle changes, and symptom management while being scalable
  • Like medications, interventions don’t work in people who don’t use them, so designing digital health interventions that are engaging is as important as making sure they are evidence-based
  • The psychology of motivation tells us that all people need to feel like they have autonomy, competence, and relatedness; these needs can be supported through intervention design
  • There are specific types of features and functionality that can support users in each of their core psychological needs, and examples of how it’s been done
  • A knowledge of motivational science can also help companies evaluate whether to partner with or acquire existing interventions based on their engagement potential

Who should attend:

  • Marketing or patient engagement specialists
  • Product managers or patient experience professionals
  • Technology managers or consultants
  • Digital Managers, Directors or Leads

About the Sponsors

Mad*Pow leverages strategic design and the psychology of motivation to create innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions that are good for people and good for business. Our senior team of designers, strategists, behavior change experts, researchers, technologists, and creative thinkers are focused on helping our clients with Experience Innovation, Behavior Change, and Digital Solutions.

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