Best Practices for your Next Tracking Study

Sponsored by: InCrowd

Caleb Costa, Moderator, Senior Vice President, Client Success
Charles Lonardo, Director of Training and Compliance
Remy Morrison, Account Director for Client Services and Syndicated Data

Wednesday - October 19, 2016 / 1:00pm EDT
Free Event

The tracking study is a cornerstone of good market research. But what happens when you are faced with budget cuts, unforeseen market changes, or urgent data needs? Powerful, real-time tracking technologies can help fill these gaps and complement your traditional ATU when you need answers quickly.

In this webinar, you will learn how this new form of the tracking study can help you:

• Ask smarter, shorter surveys that complement longer ATUs
• Use automation to schedule trackers and save money and hours of time
• Build modular surveys that let you insert new questions at any time
• Access and analyze your data on demand, 24/7
• Follow core KPIs and quickly make business-critical decisions

About the Sponsors

InCrowd has pioneered a microsurvey methodology and analytics engine that enables clients to reach targeted specialists and stakeholders easily among our extensive and diverse "Crowd" of healthcare professionals. These experts are available on-demand throughout the United States and around the globe, through the InCrowd platform, which is offered in 20 different languages. The brevity, speed, and simplicity of InCrowd's approach has fundamentally changed the industry by providing quality data in situations where it was previously impossible to get timely market information. Nineteen of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms have relied upon InCrowd's robust quality processes and verified experts to make fast, validated business decisions.

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