Transform Teams, Programs, and Services: An experience strategy primer to reset your focus and accelerate business objectives

Sponsored by: Mad*Pow

Jen Briselli, VP, Experience Strategy & Service Design, Mad*Pow

Wednesday - May 15, 2019 / 1:00pm ET / 10am PT
Free Event

As the pharmaceutical industry moves beyond the pill and seeks opportunities to deliver more novel, sustainable value to customers and patients, human-centered design becomes more relevant to research, patient advocacy, and market access teams than ever. To this end, customer and patient engagement strategies grounded in service design methods become uniquely powerful aids for navigating the changing landscape of factors influencing market access and patient experience.

Aligning teams and processes around the delivery of patient and customer-centered experiences is challenging, and service design methods helps us take into account the full context of their experience, including the ecosystem of actors (human, physical, and technological infrastructure) that influence it.

These methods, including ethnographic research, journey mapping, service blueprinting, value flow ecosystem mapping, and similar ways of developing a cohesive experience strategy, help us more clearly understand the current state of customer needs and ultimately, better patient experiences and outcomes. With a focus on service design principles, we can seize a north star vision to align teams and programs in the quest to deliver better patient experiences, greater customer value, and accelerated business objectives.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • As in any shifting business landscape, pharma faces unique challenges as the factors influencing market access, patient experience, and customer expectations evolve.
  • Understanding the unmet needs of these audiences and the opportunities based on pharma’s unique position to solve them becomes more critical than ever – and old-fashioned methods rooted in conventional market research won’t be enough to get you there.
  • Service design thinking offers a powerful set of tools and methods through which organizations can build on their existing knowledge to achieve a deeper, more empathetic, and more actionable level of insight.
  • Service design thinking can also help you understand the confluence of internal and external factors that influence market access, patient experience, and customer perceptions of your products and services – and where there are gaps and pain points to be.
  • Building an experience strategy grounded in service design methods can provide a clearly defined vision and roadmap that aligns and empowers teams to operationalize ideas and bring new products and services to life.

Who should attend:

  • Market research, patient/customer engagement, patient support service teams and Directors,  and market access leadership
  • Technology/IT Directors or Consultants
  • Digital Directors or Leads: US or Global

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