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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Dr. Eric G. Carter, Eisai
Dr. Joseph DaBronzo, Eisai
Dr. Antonia LoPresti-Solis, Eisai
Nicole Merlo, Eisai
Dr. Mabel Lam Tse, Eisai
Kim Van iderstine, Eisai
Bing Yuan, Eisai
Jamie Harrel, MedImmune
Mark Stanton, MedImmune
Greg Irace, Sanofi-Aventis
Tim Rothwell, Sanofi-Aventis
Dr. Mehmood Khan, Takeda Global R&D Center
Bernard Poussot, Wyeth
Lori Queisser, Schering-Plough
Brent Saunders, Schering-Plough
Dr. Bradley T. Sheares, Reliant Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Robert I. Blum, Cytokinetics
Dr. James H. Sabry, Cytokinetics
Daniel M. Bradbury, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Edward C. Bradley, VioQuest
Dr. Paul Gesellchen, Targanta Therapeutics
Jim Meyers, Gilead Sciences
Howard W. Robin, Nektar Therapeutics

Specialty POOL
Dennis Bucceri, Acusphere
Alton Delane, Bradley Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Dennis H. Giesing, Urigen
Dr. Jeffrey M. Jonas, Isis
Daniel S. Lynch, Ivrea Pharmaceuticals
James P. Shaffer, New River Pharmaceuticals

Emerging POOL
Dr. M. Michelle Berrey, Pharmasset
Dr. William T. Symonds, Pharmasset
Daniel Grau, CombinatoRx

Association POOL
Anthony J. Costello, Nextrials
Robert L. Van Nostrand, The New York Biotechnology Association

Agency POOL
Brian Adams, Blue Diesel
Matt Means, Blue Diesel
Kate Miller, Blue Diesel
Patrick Ortlieb, Blue Diesel
Michael Austin, GSW Worldwide
Chris Bedell, GSW Worldwide
Katie Beller, GSW Worldwide
Glenn Davis, GSW Worldwide
Thomas Doyle, GSW Worldwide
Sean Fenton, GSW Worldwide
Lisa Fox, GSW Worldwide
Donald Hanson, GSW Worldwide
Lisa Heaton, GSW Worldwide
Nathan Lemke, GSW Worldwide
Jennifer Louie, GSW Worldwide
Cory Myers, GSW Worldwide
Jennifer Oleski, GSW Worldwide
Lina Perez, GSW Worldwide
Nancy Pollack, GSW Worldwide
Scott Raidel, GSW Worldwide
Julie Ann Schipper, GSW Worldwide
Andy Spitzer, GSW Worldwide
Brian Sturtz, GSW Worldwide
Beth Wenstadt, GSW Worldwide
Norma Avitia, Pacific Communications
Rick Beardsley, Pacific Communications
Judy Doo, Pacific Communications
Kate Julian, Pacific Communications
Risa Bernstein, Flashpoint Medica
Jay Bolling, Roska Healthcare Advertising
Corey Case, The Navicor Group
Craig Russell, The Navicor Group
Harold Corbran Jr., Draftfcb
Sue DiGioia, Stonefly Communications Group
Ann Friedman-Ryan, Stonefly Communications Group
Jim Johnson, Stonefly Communications Group
David DiMatteo, DMW Worldwide
Jana Grimm, DMW Worldwide
Dr. Steve Dubansky, Palio Communications
Dr. Kim Irish, Palio Communications
Steven Immergut, Tonic Life Communications
Rob Knoll, HealthEd
Steve Lang, The Hal Lewis Group
Katherine J. Maynard, Spectrum Science Communications
Dr. Christopher Tobias, Dudnyk

Consulting POOL
Dr. Jeffrey J. Freitag, PharmaNet
John Rackas, The Benfield Group

Dr. James D. Esinhart, Chiltern International
Dr. George Q. Mills, Parexel International
Dr. Chris W. Warner, Kendle

Medical-Education POOL
Gabriel Bershadscky, Science & Medicine
Dr. Todd Billeci, Science & Medicine
Janis Cohen, Science & Medicine
Jacqueline Zummo, Science & Medicine
Tighe Blazier, MJH Associates
Brian Haug, MJH Associates
Butch Hollenback, MJH Associates
Herb Marek, MJH Associates
Marcy DeBiccari, Selva Group
David Gottlieb, Selva Group
Stephanie Robbins, Selva Group
Steve Toman, Selva Group
Dawn Marie Dove, The Curry Rockefeller Group of Companies
Mary Krupinsky, The Curry Rockefeller Group of Companies
Laura Wuerth, The Curry Rockefeller Group of Companies
Kia Gray, Indicia Medical Education

Service POOL
Lloyd Baroody, PharmaDesign
Edward Barret, Group DCA
Ronald Scalici, Group DCA
Tim Callahan, /alert Marketing
Dave Parker, /alert Marketing
Brian Corvino, PharmaStrat
Sarah Dobson, PharmaStrat
Fred Ewald, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
Joann Flynn, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
T. Greg Michael, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
Lisa Montrone, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
Marianne Nugent, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
Duane Smulling, Publicis Selling Solutions Group
Dr. John R. Haig, MattsonJack
Laurie Lockwood Harris, Roger Green and Associates

Technology POOL
Rich Bishop, Relsys International
Lisa Clune, EduNeering
Susan Rizzo, ClinPhone