DNA-Based Diagnostics: Testing for Personalized Medicine


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Product Description

There will come a time when genetic testing will be as common in the physician’s office as a blood pressure reading or the use of an MRI.
The pharmaceutical industry is making headway in the personalized medicine arena, and diagnostic companies are actively developing tests to verify the presence of genetic markers — all of which will contribute to a steadily growing market over the next five years.
Although still in its early stages of commercial development, theranostics, the fusion of a drug therapy and a companion diagnostic, will increasingly gain acceptance. Whether these are assays to be run in commercial laboratories or tools for hospitals and physicians, diagnostics are moving pharmacogenomics into mainstream use. In fact, some experts say in 10 years it will be rare if a drug does not have a diagnostic test associated with it.

The Worldwide In Vitro Diagnostics Market

Experts on this topic
Peter Keeling. President and CEO, Diaceutics, Raleigh, N.C.; Diaceutics is a consulting company that has developed a series of proprietary decision tools to help with the key strategic issues arising from personalized medicine and theranostics. For more information, visit
Carol Reed, M.D. Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Data Inc., Newton, Mass.; Clinical Data provides comprehensive molecular and pharmacogenomics services, as well as clinical diagnostics to improve patient care. For more information, visit
Bill Sietsema, Ph.D. VP, U.S. Regulatory Consulting and Submissions, Kendle, Cincinnati; Kendle is among the world’s leading global clinical research organizations and is the fourth-largest provider of Phase II-IV clinical development services worldwide. For more information, visit