Arthur Higgins: Vision, Passion & Commitment


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In each major step of his career, Arthur Higginshas helped to turn around divisions and companies. Now he faces his next challenge — reinvigorating Bayer HealthCare. If history is anything to go by, Bayer has a leader who is up to the task.
For Bayer HealthCare, Arthur J. Higgins, 48, might be just what the doctor ordered. Mr. Higgins, the recently appointed chairman and CEO of Bayer HealthCare, has made a career of helping companies and divisions overcome challenges and ultimately to excel. He joined the company May 10, 2004, succeeding Rolf Classon, who retired after 13 years of service with Bayer.
Mr. Higgins attributes his success to the multiple exciting opportunities he has been presented with during his career and being able to learn from those experiences. “All through my career I’ve been faced with a need to deal with change, to quickly assess new situations, and to exhibit a high level of adaptability and flexibility to find that right solution to whatever opportunities are presented to me,” Mr. Higgins says. “Thanks to those experiences, today I’m seldom, if ever presented, with a situation I’ve not previously had to deal with. People give me credit for being quick to assess new situations…

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Lieading by Example
A Lifetime of Progress