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View on Standardized Training

In an exclusive interview with PharmaVOICE, Al Oviedo Pacino II, president of Hillicon Training Campuses, discusses the need for efficiencies of scale to positively impact the way investigators are trained and communicate before, during, and after clinical trials. TrainingCampus is a Web-based applications service platform that allows sponsors to build customized online training and learning modules for clinical research training, testing, and certification in real time, regardless of location.
Clinical-trial and medical-research processes are inefficient. Two of the most inefficient areas are communications and training. Once these processes are streamlined and standardized the rest can fall into place.
To streamline the process of medical research, there is a need to create a global communications and training infrastructure that is easy for the end user — hospitals and investigative sites — and at the same time affordable for content providers and sponsors. To create a platform for that communications and training infrastructure, standardized information-technology processes are required. One way to create standardization is through Web-based, 24/7 virtual campuses that offer universal compatibility for trial training and learning for everything from preclinical to clinical to postclinical, including rater training and certification, internal training and…

Case Study: Online Training in Action

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Al Oviedo Pacino II, President, Hillicon Training Campuses