Patient-Directed Communications


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Opportunities abound for marketers who begin to embrace a new paradigm with patient-directed communications.
The biggest breakthrough opportunity in healthcare could very well be in the realm of communications, says Matt Giegerich, president and CEO of CommonHealth…

Outlook: Patient Communication Trends and Opportunities

Thought Leaders
Eric Bolesh. Research Team Leader, Cutting Edge Information, Durham, N.C.; Cutting Edge Information’s mission is to provide innovative, implementable research and consulting to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and devices industries. For more information, visit
W. David Bradford, Ph.D. Director, The Center for Health Economic and Policy Studies, the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C.; The Center for Health Economic and Policy Studies has extensive experience in designing and implementing cost benefit and other health economic and policy analyses. For more information, visit
Kathleen Case. Executive VP, Columbia MedCom Group, Columbia, Md.; Columbia MedCom Group is one of the largest independent medical communications networks and the only employee-owned medical communications firm in the country. For more information, visit
Matt Coe. VP, PharmaDesign Inc., Warren, N.J.; PharmaDesign designs and manufactures compliance aids and compliance packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit
Will Febbo. CEO and Cofounder, MedPanel Inc., Cambridge, Mass.; MedPanel offers an online research platform providing clients greater strategic direction for healthcare and medical investment decisions, product development, and marketing. For more information, visit
Matt Giegerich. CEO and President, CommonHealth, Parsippany, N.J.; CommonHealth is a leading healthcare communications resource and a WPP Group company. For more information, visit
Richard W. Pascoe. VP and Chief Commercial Officer, Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cambridge, Mass.; Ariad is developing medicines that regulate cell-signaling pathways implicated in cancer. For more information, visit
Rick Rhyner. President, Rhycom Strategic Advertising, Overland Park, Kan.; Rhycom is a full-service, integrated marketing communications agency. For more information, visit