Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
David J. Kudla Jr., Advancis Pharmaceutical
Brian A. Markison, King Pharmaceuticals
Ted G. Wood , King Pharmaceuticals
Marion McCourt, AstraZeneca
David Nicoli , AstraZeneca

Biotech POOL
Dr. David J. Braitman, Celsion

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Jeffrey Hatfield, Concurrent Pharmaceuticals
Thomas H. McLain,Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
David C. Mitchel, Immune Response

Specialty POOL
Bernard Berk, Elite Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Jon B. Bruss, PediaMed Pharmaceuticals
Dr. David C. Pearson, SkinMedica
Jeffrey Walsh, Inotek Pharmaceuticals

Drug-Delivery POOL
Dr. Ulrich Bartke, Inyx
Dr. Joseph A. Fix, CyDex

Emerging POOL
Edward Kenney, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Lyon Gleich, Medpace
Dr. Duu-Gong Wu, PharmaNet

Service POOL
William Baker, J. Knipper & Company
Dan Horchler, J. Knipper & Company
Kate Cronin, Ogilvy PR Worldwide
J. Christopher Dimmock, Seidler Bernstein
Stacey Huard McDonald, Seidler Bernstein
Mark Gleason, MedManage Systems
Thomas Quinn, MedManage Systems
Jeffrey D. Miller, Supply Marketing
Terri B. Plaut, Supply Marketing
Glenn Raines, HealthInfo
Larry Schmidt, MMS
Kathleen Stefanelli, Porter Novelli Boston

Medical-Education POOL
Donald J. Conners, Advanced Health Media (AHM)

Consulting POOL
John Macke, Edgewater Technology
Bill Van Nostrand, First Consulting Group (FCG)

Technology POOL
Dr. Daniel Weiner, Pharsight

Association POOL
Kenneth I. Moch, Biotechnology Council of New Jersey

Media POOL
Jennifer Bass, CMP Healthcare Media
Kelly McNulty, CMP Healthcare Media
Beth Scholz, CMP Healthcare Media
Jamie Blocher, Intellisphere
Nina DeLucia, Intellisphere
Todd Kunkler, Intellisphere
J.C. Landry, Intellisphere
Kristi Neal, Intellisphere
Roger Noel, Intellisphere
Rob Tengowski, Intellisphere
Toni Vitullo, Intellisphere
Jennifer Watsko, Intellisphere
Trevor Deal, Advanstar Medical Economics
Wendy Raupers, Advanstar Medical Economics
Frank Iorio, American Medical Association (AMA)

Agency POOL
Deirdre Eliopoulos, GSW Worldwide
Keir Rothnie, GSW Worldwide
James Fitzpatrick, Natrel Communications
Suri Harris, Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift (LLNS)
Steve Weiss, Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift (LLNS)
Steven Wice, Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift (LLNS)
Cindy Johnson, Carbon Healthcare Communications
Michael Johnston, Carbon Healthcare Communications
Jay A. Levy, Adair-Greene Healthcare Communications