Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Manoj Aggarwal, Eisai
James Bongi, Eisai
Jeffrey Chodos, Eisai
Colette Curran, Eisai
Brian Doyle, Eisai
Dr. Sean Fenton, Eisai
Patrick Grenyo, Eisai
Lloyd Hilton, Eisai
Taewon Kim, Eisai
Paul Korathu, Eisai
Michelle LaBonte, Eisai
Marcia Leishman, Eisai
Carter McBride, Eisai
Dr. Eran Nadav, Eisai
Bud Powell, Eisai
Kenny Rankin, Eisai
Peter Rossmann, Eisai
Kelly Stiltner, Eisai
Russell Upchurch, Eisai
Marinda Williams, Eisai
John M. Carroll, Schering-Plough
Dr. Thomas P. Koestler, Schering-Plough
Dr. Catherine D. Strader, Schering-Plough
Tim Ravenscroft, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Biotech POOL
Michael P. Bailey
, ImClone
Dr. Elmar R. Burchardt, Aastrom
George W. DunbarJr., Aastrom
Dr. Sidney Mazel, MedImmune
Dr. Cecil B. Pickett, Biogen Idec
Dr. Michael Tansey, La Jolla Pharmaceutical

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Richard Chin
, Oxigene
Dr. Peter A. Harris, Oxigene
Dr. James L. Freddo, Anadys
Dr. J. Michael Hamilton, Avalon
Scott T. Megaffin, Adolor
Dr. George H. Talbot, Cerexa
Dr. Charles P. Theuer, Tracon

Specialty POOL
Armando Anido
, Auxilium
Dr. Brian M. Gallagher, Magen BioSciences
Jennifer L. Good, Penwest Pharmaceuticals

Emerging POOL
Dr. W. James Alexander
, BioCryst
Aileen Ryan, Vion
Dr. Katherine J. Turner, Nucryst Pharmaceuticals

Agency POOL
Mary Barnes
, GSW Worldwide
Reena Buddhdev, GSW Worldwide
Dave Cap, GSW Worldwide
Kisha Jones, GSW Worldwide
Angela Miller, GSW Worldwide
Doug Mills, GSW Worldwide
Bret Rose, GSW Worldwide
Brooke Sellars, GSW Worldwide
James Christie, Centron
Alyce Erdekian, Centron
Dr. Chris Gutteridge, Centron
Brian Purcell, Centron
Philip Simmons, Centron
Meg Columbia-Walsh, CommonHealth
Katy Dalton-Rigsby, Stonefly
John Dietz, Noesis
Chris Drew, Blue Diesel
Michael Durand, Ogilvy PR
Molly Henry, HealthEd
Jill Kaplan, HealthEd
Anne Martin, HealthEd
Linda Hutchins, Cadient Group
Mark Klapper, MicroMass
Kim Levy, MicroMass
Rick Mazzetti, MicroMass
Megan Myers, Navicor
Melissa Storer, Navicor
David Westaway, Navicor
Helayne Spivak, CCA Advertising
Holly Wright, AbelsonTaylor

Consulting POOL
Ron Johnson
, The Lewin Group
Steven M. Niedelman, Quintiles Consulting

Peggy McHugh
, Registrat
Pamela M. Spaniac, Radiant
Dr. Jeffrey J. Stoddard, Covance

Media POOL
Devin Gregorie
, Elsevier

Medical-Education POOL
Meaghan Donovan
, CME Enterprise
Kaelynn Martindale, CME Enterprise
Marc Sirockman, Anatstat

Service POOL
Janet L. Brennan
Dr. Harris Koffer, RPS
Carlos Carrazana, Abt Associates
David Loeser, Abt Associates
Deborah Klein Walker, Abt Associates
Dr. Ninad Deshpanday, AAIPharma
Nancy E. Fagan, Medical Marketing Service
Don Marshall, TVG
David L. Schlotterbeck, Cardinal Health
Dr. Levi A. Sorrell, MTI

Technology POOL
Karen Carroll
, Octagon
Doug Fulling, Octagon
Mary Lenzen, Octagon
Dr. Frederick Wood, Octagon
Calvin Wong, Pharmatech
Gregg Dearhammer, i3 Statprobe
Dr. Michael J. McKelvey, eResearchTechnology
Michael Pinto, Model N