Bio Meets Pharma to Form the New Age of Biopharma


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The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are gradually integrating into one biopharmaceutical industry. In a white paper released in May 2005 by the Life Sciences and Health Care practices of Deloitte, it was surmised that the distinction between biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms will erode over the next decade.
Strictly speaking, the term “pharmaceutical” refers to medicines composed of small, synthetically produced molecules. “Biotechnology” products are typically large molecules developed through cellular and biomolecular technologies that capitalize on the attributes of cells, DNA, and proteins. Some say the pharmaceutical industry’s pipeline hinges on the R&D efforts of biotech companies. Large pharma companies are seeking more alliances with biotech through acquisition or licensing agreements, with such alliances rising to 502 in 2004 from 69 in 1993, according to a Deloitte Consulting study, Critical Factors for Alliance Formation…

Industry Trends
Growth in Global Biotechnology 2004-2005

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