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Beyond Synergy: Why DTC Demands Converence
Contributed by Ash Nashed, M.D.,President, CEO, and Cofounder of Choice Media

Dozens of publications — ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Media Life — have printed stories documenting the link in pharmaceutical advertising between television and the Internet. These two alternatives, long considered the opposite ends of the media spectrum — and debated by countless pharmaceutical executives as being either “too broad” to do any good or “too narrow” to reach the right people — have suddenly emerged as compatible sides of a single marketing coin.
Research has proven that the combination of on-air and online produces measurably better results. For example, a January 2004 study from Dynamic Logic found that the addition of an Internet component to a typical TV campaign can boost sponsorship awareness by more than 28%. A study from Manhattan Research released in January 2004 found that half of the consumers who visit drug company Websites do so after seeing a TV commercial. Moreover, as reported in the Wall Street Journal in January 2004, the number of online visits resulting from a commercial is double the number of calls to an advertised toll-free number…