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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Pamela Harris, Novo Nordisk
Patrick Loustau, Novo Nordisk
Edward L. Williams, Novo Nordisk
Jeffrey B. Kindler, Pfizer

Biotech POOL
Peggy Berry, Dyax
Gayl Rogers Chrysler, BioE
Peter S. Greenleaf, MedImmune
Dr. Alan J. Lewis, Novocell
Michael P. Miller, Genentech
Dr. David Schenkein, Genentech
Dr. Marc Navre, Catalyst
Dr. Frederick Schmid, Panacos Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Daniel M. Bradbury, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Laurence Elias, Geron
Margery B. Fischbein, Human Genome Sciences
Dr. Gerard T. Kennealey, MGI Pharma
Dr. Susan Kramer, Corgentech
Dr. Roger G. Mills, Acadia
Timothy P. Noyes, Proteon Therapeutics
Dr. William Pullman, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Lauren Sabella, Altus
Dr. Brian Schwartz, Ziopharm

Specialty POOL
Dr. Brian Blakey, AtheroGenics
Cynthia Canup, Connetics
Shari Geffon, Connetics
Paul G. Chaney, OSI Pharmaceuticals
Glenn M. Esgro, Esprit Pharma
Jim Loerop, Stiefel
Alfonso Ugarte, Stiefel
Jeremy D. Middleton, Valera Pharmaceuticals
Dean J. Mitchell, Alpharma
Dr. Peter Silverstone, Biovail

Discovery POOL
Michelle Gordon-Savenor, Genstruct

Emerging POOL
Kurt S. Mussina, Aptuit

Agency POOL

Richard Bauer, Cadent
Megan Beauchamp, MedPoint
Mark Gvero, MedPoint
Bethany Hood, MedPoint
Jenny Miller, MedPoint
Maryse Beaudin, Solara
Kirsten Rakow, Solara
Richard Campbell, AbelsonTaylor
Laura Dodd, AbelsonTaylor
Sara Pocius, AbelsonTaylor
Leslie Sarnoff, AbelsonTaylor
Janine Chianese, Centron
Ray Cumella, Centron
Anne Giaquinto, Centron
Christopher Mangione, Centron
Brian Conway, Adient
Jim Lothrop, Adient
Alyson Romanelli, Adient
Jennifer Dierks, Altum
Jerry Fishlin, Altum
Margaret Kale, Altum
Amy Knierim, Altum
Michele Liccone, Altum
Dr. Norman Nagl, Altum
Erin Ramos, Altum
David Dunn, ApotheCom
Scott Franks, HLG
Steve Hamburg, Wishbone-ITP
Scott Harper, GSW
Jen McKeever, GSW
Josh Hayes, inChord
Dawn Marinacci, inChord
Nicole Mazur, inChord
Nanette Johnson, Pacific Communications
Maria Mitsios, Palio Communications
Leah Warner, Palio Communications

Consulting POOL
Dr. Mark C. Bardwell, Pharma Service Network
Dr. Edward Gertz, Polaris
Karen Sargent, Polaris
Dr. Kay M. Larholt, Abt
Dr. Charles Thompso, Abt


John F. Ameling, Kendle

Contract-Sales POOL
Michael J. Marquard, PDI

Media POOL
Sally Cioci, Elsevier

Medical-Education POOL

Bethany Blitz, Fission Communications
Jeffrey Carbone, Fission Communications
Michael Cremonese, Fission Communications
John Watson, Fission Communications
Dr. Timothy J. Hayes, Vindico Medical Education
Carol Hudson, HLS
Jeffrey Jones, HLS
Dr. William Matikiewicz, HLS
Elizabeth Myatt, HLS

Service POOL
Richard Altus, ImpactRx
Kelli Henry, Kforce
Paula Paradise, TNS Healthcare

Technology POOL
Jim Murphy, Interactive Clinical Technologies
Thomas Patton, Informed Medical Communications