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Public Perception: Minimizing Liability, Maximizing Public Perception

Public Perception is often more powerful than reality. If a majority believes something is true, whether it is or not is beside the point.
Pharmaceutical companies are facing a difficult reality: how to overcome or alter public perception. Many people believe that pharmaceutical companies: have deep pockets; are irresponsible when it comes to product research and development; and are more concerned with profits than with people.
While the practices of the reputable majority within the industry contradict all of the above, the fact remains that public opinion is at best, unconcerned, and at worst, downright malicious when it comes to the multijurisdictional lawsuits that frequently deliver multimillion-dollar verdicts. From product liability to patent disputes, pharmaceutical companies continue to be embroiled in major litigation and face the potential for untold financial risk and damage to their reputation…

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Retired Judge Louis C. Bechtle, Partner, Conrad O’Brien Gellman & Rohn P.C.