Frank Baldino: A Man For All Seasons


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From an ambitious idea to a savvy business plan, Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D., CEO, Chairman, and Founder of Cephalon, has created one of the fastest-growing biotech companies in the world.
Like scientists the world over, Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D., is driven by a straightforward philosophy: wanting to know how things work to fix what doesn’t work. But unlike many others in the biotech/biopharmaceutical arena, Dr. Baldino also possesses business acumen, which has enabled him to guide Cephalon through its life cycle and become one of the few biopharmaceutical companies to not only survive the 1990s but, indeed, to thrive.
For Dr. Baldino, that drive is so overarching that it led him to create a business predicated on the research and discovery of treatments for one of the most complicated fields in medicine: neurodegenerative disease.     Though idealistic, Dr. Baldino is by no means unrealistic, and right from the start he understood that to achieve those ambitious goals he must first ensure success for his company…

Ahead of the Crowd
A Frank Approach
An Innovative Pipeline