Overemphasis on Salesforce May Shortchange Promotion


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A general acknowledgment exists within the industry that pharmaceutical companies have traditionally placed more emphasis on personal selling than on support promotion. It’s more difficult to elicit recognition that the high cost of building and supporting a salesforce to market prescription medications diminishes the company’s capacity to implement well-balanced marketing programs.
A balanced program that allows for both personal and nonpersonal exposures is within reach by taking advantage of planning tools that are readily available today, says Larry Iaquinto, president and chief operating officer of Interlink Healthcare Communications…

Campaign Fundamentals
What Happens in the Doctor’s Office
Impact of the Sales Representative in the A&P Campaign
Important Sources of Medical Information
Theory of Leveraging
Promotion Effectiveness of Media Mix on Message Retention
Goal: Message/Exposure Before A Prescribing Opportunity

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Larry Iaquinto, President and Chief Operating Officer, Interlink Healthcare Communications