A Journey of a Lifetime — Leslie Williams


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Leslie Williams is driven by a desire to advance the frontiers of medicine, and the President and CEO of Ventaira Pharmaceuticals melds that goal with a passion for life, a dedication to her family, and pure, unadulterated hard work.
A quest for knowledge, a desire to push boundaries, and an ambition to explore all aspects of life drive Leslie Williams. Whether it’s running a company, delivering healthcare, or pursuing the external interests that mean so much to her — family, music, sports, reading, cosmology, or running marathons — Ms. Williams is the embodiment of enthusiasm, hard work, and tenacity.
“I am passionate about life, learning, and living,” she says. “I have an insatiable curiosity about many things, ranging from the cosmos to the humanities…

Ways of the Future
Breathing New Life Into Existing Drugs
Dedication and Achievement