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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL

Robert H. Armstrong, Baxter International
Dr. Steven Caffe, Baxter International
Dr. Sol J. Barer, Celgene
Robert J. Hugin, Celgene
Dr. Joseph S. Barone, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Laurence Downey, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Sef Kurstjens, Astellas
Dean Slack, King Pharmaceuticals

Biotech POOL
William C. Bertrand Jr., MedImmune
Dr. Genevieve Losonsky, MedImmune
Anthony Luttrell, MedImmune
Dr. Frank J. Malinoski, MedImmune
Dr. Robert Walker, MedImmune
Dr. John J. Whalen, MedImmune
Ian T. Clark, Genentech
Jennifer Cook, Genentech
Dr. Ashraf Hanna, Genentech
Dr. Ann L. Lee, Genentech
Quinton C. Oswald, Genentech
Robert S. Quinn, Genentech
Dr. Patrick Yang, Genentech
Dr. Steven I. Engel, Boston Life Sciences
Dr. Elliot Goldstein, Maxygen
Grant Yonehiro, Maxygen
Donna Jordan, Biovest International
Dr. Robert W. Karr, Idera Pharmaceuticals
Dr. G. Allen Nickols, Kereos
Martin A. Simonetti, VLST

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Cheryl Anderson, ImClone Systems
Dr. Gregory I. Berk, Hana Biosciences
Fred Vitale, Hana Biosciences
Scott Myers, DOV Pharmaceutical
Dr. Atul C. Pande, CeNeRx BioPharma
Dr. Steve Worland, Anadys Pharmaceuticals

Specialty POOL
David Argento, Bradley Pharmaceuticals
William Renzo, Bradley Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Diane Cooper, Healthpoint
Dr. Barry Flannelly, Abraxis
Timothy J. McIntyre , Vyteris
Mark W. Salyer, BioDelivery Sciences International
Dr. Matthew A. Wikler, Mpex Pharmaceuticals

Discovery POOL
Dr. John Ransom, Cytori Therapeutics

Genomics POOL
Suzanne Mullins, Gene Logic

Emerging POOL
Dr. Michael L. Sabolinski, NitroMed
Robert Terifay, Arginox Pharmaceuticals

Association POOL
John Chaffee, North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Randall Johnson, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Agency POOL
Brian Barry, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Patrick Boyce, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Tessa Hall, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Todd Juro, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Steve Lederman, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Patricia Morrissey, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Nancy Schwartz, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Kevin Stone, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Colleen Zester, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Tracy Zuto, Interlink Healthcare Communications
Laura Bartmess, Abelson-Taylor
Dr. Jeff Berg, Abelson-Taylor
Nadine Fabish, Abelson-Taylor
James Gillespie, Abelson-Taylor
Mary Karlson, Abelson-Taylor
Jeanine Koch, Abelson-Taylor
Jason Lung , Abelson-Taylor
Christopher Dimmock, Seidler Bernstein
Darlene Dobry, CommonHealth
Deborah Hughes, CommonHealth
John Nosta, CommonHealth
Michael Parisi, CommonHealth
Teri Park, CommonHealth
Stacey Singer, CommonHealth
Anne Squadrito, CommonHealth
Michael Strassberg, CommonHealth
Frank Tirone, CommonHealth
Shaun Urban, CommonHealth
Michael Zilligen, CommonHealth
Dr. Michael Kodack, Advanced Clinical Communications
Vivian Pagoulatos, Advanced Clinical Communications
Colleen O’Kane, inChord Communications
Martha Welshans, inChord Communications
Seth Quillin, GSW Worldwide
Ron Schulman, GSW Worldwide
Eric Rivera, Palio Communications
Dawn Ronaldo, Palio Communications
Stephanie Schroeder, Corinth Group Communications
Cari Weisberg, Flaum Partners

Dr. Tomislav Babic, i3 Research
Dr. Richard Margolin, i3 Research
Dr. Dale B. Evans, Omnicare Clinical Research
Joseph L. Herring,Covance

Medical-Education POOL
Bill Romano, Beam Institute
Joanne Rosenberg, Scinexa Medical Education Group
Service POOL

Sean Boudreault, PreferredTime
Jennifer Cotteleer, Cardiocore Lab
Kathy Lee, TNS Healthcare
Barbara Levine , TNS Healthcare

Technology POOL
Jeff Bairstow, Dendrite
Jeff Brady, Advanced Health Media
Todd A. Joron, Perceptive Informatics