Talent Pool


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Product Description

Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Christopher Clement, Savient Pharmaceuticals
Dr. John C. Lechleiter, Eli Lily
Gino Santini, Eli Lily

Biotech POOL
James A. Cour, Aastrom Biosciences
Dr. Willard Dere, Amgen
Dr. Brian Kotzin, Amgen
Dr. Joshua Ofman, Amgen
Dr. Daniel J. O’Shannessy, Targeted Diagnostics & Therapeutics
Dr. Martha Vincent, Agensys

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. James E. Barrett,Adolor
Dr. William J. Boyle, Auxeris Therapeutics
Dr. M. Timothy Cooke, Avant
Dr. Gregory Davenport, DOR BioPharma
Geoff Green, DOR BioPharma
Dr. Michael J. Murray, Memory Pharmaceuticals

Specialty POOL
Dr. Daniel Burkhoff, Biopure
Thomas Casey, Biopure
Mary Ellen Freddo, Biopure
Francis H. Murphy, Biopure
Zafiris G. Zafirelis, Biopure
Dr. Robin D. Campbell, SinusPharma
Dr. James V. Cassella, Alexza Molecular Delivery
Dr. Jerry McMahon, NeoRx
Dr. Ronald J. Trancik,SkinMedica
Dr. Andrew Uprichard, EPIX

Drug-Delivery POOL
Dr. Alan F. Joslyn, Penwest
Dr. V. Bryan Lawlis, Aradigm

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Tim Hansen, Imaging Diagnostic Systems
Dr. Suzanne Mattingly, Exagen

Generic POOL
Dr. Shankar Hariharan, Par Pharmaceutical
Margaret A. McKenna, Mylan

Discovery POOL
Dr. Thomas A. Pitler, Neurogen
Dr. Charles A. Ritrovato, Neurogen

Emerging POOL
Charles N. Blitzer, Fulcrum Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Stephen A. Martin, Beyond Genomics
Raul Rodriguez, Rigel

Traci Addison, Kendle International
Francis Casieri, PPD
Dr. Steadman Harrison, PPD
Colin Shannon, PPD
Dr. Barbara Collins, PRA International
Dr. Samer E. Kaba, PRA International
Dr. Wendy Martin, PRA International
Brian Roberts, PRA International
Casey Greenzweig, Chiltern International
Michael Jalboot, Chiltern International
Steve Matheson, Pharmaceutical Profiles
Richard Staub, PharmaLinkFHI

Service POOL
Thomas S. Guinter, Octagon Research Solutions
Y. Renee Lewis, Galt
Stephanie McGinty, Taylor Search Partners

Contract-Sales POOL
Michelene Assad, Ventiv
Andrew Baldwin, Ventiv
John Canvin, Ventiv
Vincent Fernicola, Ventiv
Gary Fisher, Ventiv
Terry Herring, Ventiv
Bryan Horveath, Ventiv
Sandra Jennings, Ventiv
Pete Marchesini, Ventiv
Paul Mignon, Ventiv
Tom Sottile, Ventiv

Medical-Education POOL
Matthew Frese, DiMedix
Dr. George Mammen, DiMedix
Gisela Paulsen, Health Learning Systems
Stacey Singer, Health Learning Systems
Laurie Schäfer, Princeton Partners

Technology/Web POOL
Michele Lentz, Group DCA

Association POOL
Dr. Jeff Mackie, CMR Institute Board
Dr. John C. Nelson, AMA President
Media POOL
Maureen Dwyer Liberti, Monthly Prescribing Reference
Dr. John C. Marlow, Advanstar Medical Economics

Agency POOL
Christine Drumheller, DMW
Randi Jarratt, DMW
W. Anne Krepacki, DMW
Erin Powell, DMW
Kortney Ragins, DMW
Heather Traum, DMW
Roberta Jaret, GSW Worldwide
Michael Stuttman, GSW Worldwide
Frank Zsoldos, GSW Worldwide
Henry Lee, Pacific Communications
Shana Robinson, Donahoe Purohit Miller
Karen Sun, Donahoe Purohit Miller