A World Vision — Prof. Paul Herrling


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Paul Herrling, Ph.D., appreciates the intricacy and multidimensionality of life, whether he is conducting experiments in the lab, overseeing corporate decisions in the boardroom, or collecting and cataloguing antique science books. he extends This deeply considered world view to the issue of medicine and the developing world while creating an environment that strives for collaboration and diversity of thought.
From his upbringing in Egypt, through his studies, and into his long and varied career at Novartis, Paul Herrling, Ph.D., has thrived on developing a sense of community and interaction. His efforts at team building and ensuring collaboration have resulted in many successes and opportunities for Novartis and the company’s scientists. In his position as head of corporate research at Novartis, he has created a culture that encourages diversity of ideas and input from scientists from all levels of the organization…

A Changing Drug-Discovery Environment
A Look at Novartis’ Research Organization
Life In Research