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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Herm Cukier, Organon
Terrence Moore, Organon
Peter G. Edwards, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Andrew T. Foster, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Brad E. Fackler, Sucampo Pharmaceuticals
Dr. John A. Germak, Novo Nordisk
Jeffrey E. Keisling, Wyeth
Louise Mehrotra, Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Cynthia Rask, OneWorld Health
Daniel Wechsler, Schering-Plough

Biotech POOL
Dr. Naseem Amin, Biogen Idec
Steve Bollinger, Pervasis Therapeutics
Ted Danse, Neurotech
Dr. Mark R. Hurtt, Boston Life Sciences
Dr. Denise Manker, AgraQuest
Dr. Jonathan Margolis, AgraQuest
Dr. Karl Mettinger, Oncolytics Biotech
Dr. Myra L. Patchen, Biothera

Biopharmaceutical POOL
John Bedard, MannKind
Todd Easley, MannKind
Dr. Juergen Martens, MannKind
Dr. Peter Richardson, MannKind
David L. Clark, Prolexys
Dan D’Agostino, Callisto
Dr. Steven M. Lyons, Indevus
Dr. Brian MacDonald, Zelos
Dr. George J. Vergis, Neose Technologies

Specialty POOL
Charles N. Blitzer, Barbeau Pharma
Dr. Jan H. Egberts, NovaDel Pharma
Jill M. Forrest, Antigenics
David Hammond, Healthpoint
Carl Pelzel, Depomed
James A. Schoeneck, BrainCells

Drug-Delivery POOL
John Denny, Ventaira Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Bruce McVeety, Ventaira Pharmaceuticals

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Thomas J. Carcel, CardioTech International
Eric G. Walters, CardioTech International
Dr. G. Ray Martin, NovoStent
Don McMillan, West Pharmaceutical Services

Discovery POOL
Dr. Shirish Hirani, Ariad Pharmaceuticals
Dr. John Loewy, Ariad Pharmaceuticals

Emerging POOL
Dr. Christoph M. Adams, FoldRx Pharmaceuticals
Karl G. Trass, Neurobiological Technologies

Regulatory POOL
Dr. Gerald J. Dal Pan, Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Hsien-Ming James Hung, Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Kooros Mahjoob, Food and Drug Administration

Association POOL
Dr. Larry S. Fields, American Academy of Family Physicians
Dennis M. Flynn, Pennsylvania Bio

Agency POOL
Donna Arey, Abelson-Taylor
Molly McNally, Abelson-Taylor
Jill Balderson, HealthEd
Lisa Hunt, HealthEd
Ide Mills, HealthEd
Kristin Patton, HealthEd
Celeste Cafiero, Xchange
Rita DiStefano Schuerman, Vox Medica
Maria Fasulo, HealthSTAR
David Schemelia, HealthSTAR
Jon Hussey, Palio Communications
Leanne Keough, Palio Communications
Ajay Nair, Palio Communications
Christine Maikisch, Adient
Joseph Maynard, Adient
Dr. Michael K. Rock, Advanced Medical Marketing Communications
Dr. Jonathan Sackier, GSW Worldwide
Katherine Shosho, Seidler Bernstein

Dr. Agostino Fede, PPD
William W. Richardson, PPD

Contract Sales POOL
Larry Ellberger, PDI
Heidi Minick, PDI
James Nebel, PDI
Rebecca Silver, PDI
Julie Kelly, Ventiv Commercial Services

Media POOL
Frank Cassera, Slack
Dave Kevoian, Slack
Scott Wright, Slack
William Passano, Ascend Media

Medical-Education POOL
Jodi Andrews, Health Learning Systems
Kim Gelnaw, Health Learning Systems
Aimee Roca, Health Learning Systems
Jane Cammarata, Vindico Medical Education
Robert Esgro, Vindico Medical Education
Andrea L. Gaymon, Vindico Medical Education
Wayne B. McCourt, Vindico Medical Education
Justin Shipp, Vindico Medical Education
Robin Simon, Vindico Medical Education
Andrew Markusfeld, The Curry Rockefeller Group

Service POOL
Tom Alesi, GfK Strategic Marketing
Dr. Martin S. Glogowski, GfK Strategic Marketing
Lana Limpert, GfK Strategic Marketing
Alexander London, GfK Strategic Marketing
Elly Simmons, GfK Strategic Marketing
Shawn P. Cavanagh, Cambrex Bioproducts
Daniel Corey, PharmaStrat
Brian Corvino, PharmaStrat
David Duplay, MedManage Systems
Barry Feldman, MedManage Systems
Thomas Miller, MedManage Systems
Dr. Christopher D. Earl, BIO Ventures
Amin Ladak, Seaflower Ventures
Jack T. Lin, The Zitter Group
Ed W. Szostak,The Zitter Group
Sally Hart Petersen, HealthMedia
Joseph Ripp, Dendrite International
Marianne Webdell, WRB Communications

Technology/Web POOL
Jan Wilson, etrials