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Product Description

Sales, Marketing, and R&D Trends Affecting the Healthcare Industry

Featured Briefs:

Public Awareness of Clinical Trials Grows

Greater Role for Market Research
Sidebar: Principals for Market Research Success

DTC Advertising Prompts Action

Physician Use of Online CME Up

Global Pharmaceutical Report Calls for New Approaches To Address Big Pharma’s Challenges

Thought Leader Spending Reaches $120 Million
Sidebar: Principals for Market Research Success

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Consumer Health Sciences, Princeton, N.J., wholly owned by Grey Healthcare Group, collects and analyzes the attitudes, opinions, and demographics of consumers/patients around the world with an emphasis on healthcare habits, and drug consumption and satisfaction. For more information, visit
Cutting Edge Information Inc., Durham, N.C., provides implementable research and consulting to the pharmaceutical industry and the financial-services industry. For more information, visit
Ernst & Young, New York, a global leader in professional services, is committed to restoring the public’s trust in professional services firms and in the quality of financial reporting. For more information, visit
Harris Interactive, Rochester, N.Y., is a worldwide market research and consulting firm best known for The Harris Poll. For more information, visit
The Pri-Med Institute, Boston, is the research and accreditation affiliate of Pri-Med, a division of M|C Communications LLC and a producer of continuing medical education for primary-care physicians. For more information, visit