A Candid Visionary – Dr. Candace Kendle


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A stalwart, never-say-can’t attitude and a real passion for clinical research have turned Candace Kendle, Pharm.D., chairman, CEO, and cofounder of Kendle, into one of the most recognized and respected names in the clinical research industry.
The quintessential pioneer and leader, Dr. Kendle has never lost sight of her vision or veered from her commitment to the business. Her approach has paid dividends: responsibility has ushered entrepreneurship, setbacks have led to strategic thinking, and obstacles have presented opportunities.
“I like thinking about the future; I like thinking about opportunities,” Dr. Kendle says. “I recognize that there are difficult business problems to tackle and that the path forward isn’t always going to be easy. Any vision has to include ways to overcome significant hurdles. I certainly have my head in the clouds, as they say, but my feet are also firmly on the ground…

High Expectations
An Involved Leader