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Biometrics — technologies that allow people to be identified by fingerprints or other biological markers, such as iris scans — is receiving increased attention by companies in many industries concerned about security, not only for their premises but also for their information systems and the valuable, proprietary data within.
Executives at Purdue Pharma understand all too well that the war on drugs isn’t limited to heroin and cocaine. Since 2000, Purdue has been involved in controversy regarding the illegal use and abuse of OxyContin, an opioid agonist for the treatment of pain that the company introduced in 1995.
To enhance the security of its facilities, Purdue Pharma has implemented a biometrics technology — fingerprint readers that work with the company’s swipe-card access system — for its manufacturing, packaging, and Q&A areas.
“Employees swipe their card, which is a ‘smart card’ that contains a fingerprint protocol,” says Aaron Graham, VP of corporate security at Purdue Pharma. “The card tells the computer that I am Aaron Graham. Then I put my fingerprint on the reader. The fingerprint has to match the smart-card ID information for me to gain entry or access…

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