Applied Competitive Intelligence


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A broader approach to the field of competitive intelligence where market research is combined with other data services, as well as the more traditional aspects of the discipline, is providing decision makers with better insight into the entire market.
In the pharmaceutical industry, competitive intelligence (CI) is coming together with market research, knowledge management, and strategic planning to drive better decision making, especially with regard to research and development plans and progress.
Over the last 12 months to 18 months, industry experts say funding for market research/business intelligence activities has increased. This is happening not just in the pharma industry, but throughout the business world. Companies are putting more resources toward finding and analyzing information about the competitive environment in which they do business.
Part of the reason for this surge in activity, industry leaders say, is that companies recognize that competitors can come from anywhere in the world. Another driver is an improving economy. The Internet is playing a role as well, lowering the cost of gathering and organizing secondary research…

Code of Ethics for Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Rating Competitive Intelligence Effectiveness in Support of Marketing
Rating Competitive Intelligence Effectiveness in Support of Sales
Rating Competitive Intelligence in Support of Sales and Marketing
Coordinating Competitive Intelligence and Market Research
Competitive Analysis

The Intelligence Gatherers
Christopher Bogan. President, CEO, and Founder, Best Practices LLC, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Best Practices provides benchmarking and consulting services for world-class companies. For more information, visit
Richard Daly. Senior VP of Marketing, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc., Lincolnshire, Ill.; Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., Osaka, Japan, and is a research-based global pharmaceutical company. For more information, visit
Clifford C. Kalb. VP of Market Development for Life Sciences, Wood Mackenzie Inc., Boston (formerly Senior Director, Strategic Business Analysis in Worldwide Human Health Marketing at Merck & Co.); Wood Mackenzie provides consulting services and research products to the energy and life-sciences industries. For more information, visit
Robert O. Likoff. CEO and Founding Partner, Group DCA, Montclair. N.J.; Group DCA is an online healthcare communications agency. For more information, visit
Mark R. Little, Ph.D. VP, Business Intelligence, Covance Inc., Princeton, N.J.; Covance is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug-development services companies. For more information, visit
William s. Machtiger. President, Prescription for Strategy LLC, Yardley, Pa.; Prescription for Strategy is a consulting company and a division of Axis Healthcare Communications Inc. For more information, visit
Julie Norris. Business Development, Life Sciences, Cheskin, San Francisco; Cheskin is a consulting and research firm grounded in marketing and design. For more information, visit
Pete Sikora. Principal, Citeline Inc., Petaluma, Calif.; Citeline is a provider of global clinical-trials intelligence to the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit
Kent Stephan. CEO and Founder, Princeton Brand Econometrics, Princeton, N.J.; Princeton Brand Econometrics is a marketing consultancy company. For more information, visit Bart Weiner. President, V2 GfK, Blue Bell, Pa.; V2 GfK is a provider of primary pharmaceutical marketing research. For more information, visit