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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Dr. Marcus Carr, Novo Nordisk
James G. Harmon, Organon Pharmaceuticals USA
Theo Nieuwenhuis, Schering-Plough
Dr. Sarah S. Prichard, Baxter International

Biotech POOL
Dr. Karl Beutner, Anacor Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Robert S. King, Rinat Neuroscience
Dr. Paul Resnick, Rinat Neuroscience
Dr. Carol A. Stratford, Rinat Neuroscience
Dr. Richard B. Lanman, diaDexus
Dr. Mark Payton, Oxxon Therapeutics

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Wayne R. Gombotz, Omeros
Dr. Clark E. Tedford, Omeros
Roger D. Graham Jr., Adolor
George R. Maurer, Adolor
Dr. Richard M. Woodward, Adolor
Dr. David D. Pendergast, Transkaryotic Therapies

Specialty POOL
Dr. Bruce Lamb, LifeCell

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Pamela Bunes, Recom Managed Systems
Michael S. Gebauer, CHF Solutions
Peter L. Minetti, Fujirebio Diagnostics

Discovery POOL
Dr. Howard Grossberg, Pharmos
Dr. Herbert Henney III, Pharmos
Dr. Stewart Nobl, Kalypsys
Dr. Andy Shiau, Kalypsys
Court R. Turner, Kalypsys

Genomics POOL
Stephen Benoit, Sciona
Dr. Tod Kimbell, Sciona

Emerging POOL
Dr. Frank Armstrong, Bioaccelerate

Agency POOL
John Adelhelm, Ferguson
Monica Barras, Ferguson
Susan Cohen, Ferguson
Lisa DeSordi, Ferguson
Diane Kwiatkoski, Ferguson
Alisa Gabriel Litwin, Ferguson
Sarah McGrath, Ferguson
Beth Tansey Peller, Ferguson
Karen Smaldone, Ferguson
Gina Ashe, Rapp Collins
Lin Betancourt, Integrated Communications
Anthony Rotolo, Integrated Communications
Mary Beth Clark, Communications Media
Sarah Cochran, Abelson-Taylor
Geri Tauber, Abelson-Taylor
Sonja Foster, Clinical CONNEXION
Philip Hussey, PreVision
Michael McDonald, GSW Worldwide
Richard M. Nordstrom, McCann Healthcare Worldwide
Katie Pendlay, STINSON

Media POOL
Brian K. Blitz, Cliggott Publishing Group
Jill P. Bresnick, Cliggott Publishing Group
Beatrix Eriksen, Cliggott Publishing Group
Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr., Triple i
Ken Karpay, Physicians Practice
Dr. Peter P. Toth, Therapeutic Solutions

Medical-Education POOL
Susan Cuozzo,Fission Communications

Service POOL
Brian Corvino, PharmaStrat
Mary Beth Darr, PharmaStrat
Sarah Dobson, PharmaStrat
Dave Gustafson, PharmaStrat
Jessica Rute, PharmaStrat
Valarie L. Higgins, Interactive Clinical Technologies
Marsha B. Rehrer, Interactive Clinical Technologies
Jim Macdonell, Taratec
Dr. Kathleen Warner, Taratec
Dr. Richard Malcolm, Acurian

Contract-Sales POOL
Christopher Tama, PDI