Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Joy A. Amundson, Baxter International
Bruce McGillivray, Baxter International
Jim Utts, Baxter International
Brian Crombie , Biovail
David Keefer, Biovail
Charles Rowland, Biovail
Paul Duffy, Alamo Pharmaceuticals
Paul M. Graves, Schering-Plough
Richard R. Nabb, Schering-Plough
Lennart Olving, Schering-Plough
Dr. Scott Whitcup, Allergan

Biotech POOL
Dr. Brad Maroni, NeoStem
Mark R. Straley, AusAm

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Jack R. Barber, CytRx
Jeffrey Cooper, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Louis Drapeau, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Pierre Lapalme, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Dr. Robert G. Johnson Jr., Kosan Biosciences
Dr. Gary Palmer, Kosan Biosciences
Richard A. Mafrica, Maxim Pharmaceuticals
Thomas Quinn, Swiss Medica
William R. Ringo,Abgenix
Augustine Yee, Archemix
Gregory P. Young, NeoPharm

Specialty POOL
Robert J. Brown, Serologicals
Dr. Don G. Burstyn, Altus Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Alexey L. Margolin, Altus Pharmaceuticals
J. Gregory Ford, CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Bradley Zerler, CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals
John R. Leone, Cambrex
Gary L. Mossman, Cambrex
Michael Narachi, SinusPharma

Drug-Delivery POOL
Dr. Tushar Misra, MonoSol Rx

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Frank M. Clark, Lifeline Biotech
Jonathan W. Reeves, Lifeline Biotech
Dr. David A. King, Guava Technologies
Timothy I. Still, HemoSense

Discovery POOL
Simon Allen, Nuvelo
Dr. Matthew W. Kalni, Genaissance Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Krishnan Nandabalan, Genaissance Pharmaceuticals
Dr. John McKearn, Kalypsys

Lara Krupka, PRA International

Service POOL
Mark F. Baer, J. Knipper and Company
Christopher A. Barreto, V2 GfK
Dr. Sally M. Davis, V2 GfK
Katherine Fordyce, V2 GfK
Michelle Silva, V2 GfK
Clifford Kalb, Wood Mackenzie
Nick Kamen, Wood Mackenzie
Ken Killion, Wolters Kluwer
Dr. Jon Seymour, Wolters Kluwer
Sheila McCormick, HealthCore
Dr. Joseph Singer, HealthCore
Ron Wade, HealthCore
Andy Williams, Taylor Search Partners

Contract-Sales POOL
Warren S. Odette, Ventiv Health

Medical-Education POOL
Dr. Sheila Deymann, Clinical Connexion
Laurie Ermentrout, Clinical Connexion
Tina Vogel, Clinical Connexion
Christine Driskill, Health Learning Systems
Michael Melucci, Health Learning Systems
Dr. Susan Moench, Health Learning Systems
Micole Reinman, Health Learning Systems
Elizabeth Fulmer, Columbia MedCom Group
Karen Gatzke, Columbia MedCom Group
Rich Pistolese, Columbia MedCom Group
Eileen Hernández, The Curry Rockefeller Group
Scott Shelko, HealthEd
Ken Thorlton, HealthEd

Consulting POOL
Dr. Jeff Glor, BioVid
Dr. Bill McKenna, BioVid
Dr. W. Thomas Nelson, BioVid

Technology/Web POOL
Angela Dagne, Group DCA
Mathew Marucci, Group DCA
Jennifer Jaye, Octagon
Dr. Eva Miller, Interactive Clinical Technologies

Association POOL
Dr. Alejandro Aparicio, AMA
Dr. Kerry Bemis, Indiana Protein Center
Carl Bruhn, Indiana Protein Center
James C. Greenwood, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Anne Isenhower, American Cancer Society
John F. Lewis Jr., Omeris
Matt Schutte, Omeris
Dr. Daniel G. Schultz, FDA

Media POOL
Marc DiBartolomeo, Advanstar Medical Economics
Mike Graziani, Advanstar Medical Economics
Karmen Kallock, Advanstar Medical Economics
Robert Knoll, Advanstar Medical Economics
Edward Reiner, Advanstar Medical Economics
Michael Reynolds, Advanstar Medical Economics
William M. Passano III, Jobson Publishing

Agency POOL
Julia Allen, Ferguson
Anne Brown, Ferguson
Joseph Conwell, Ferguson
Alisa Litwin, Ferguson
B.J. Maffucci, Ferguson
Elena Secula, Ferguson
Dana Semancik, Ferguson
Bill Spagnuolo, Ferguson
Carol Stearns, Ferguson
Stephen Sullivan, Ferguson
Renee Wentworth, Ferguson
Michael Ambroise, Grey Healthcare Group
William Beck, Grey Healthcare Group
Rob Buccino, Grey Healthcare Group
Janet Donnelly, Grey Healthcare Group
Lyn Falconio, Grey Healthcare Group
Joe Ferrazano, Grey Healthcare Group
Michelle Fonfrias, Grey Healthcare Group
Lynn Landano, Grey Healthcare Group
Andy Lear, Grey Healthcare Group
Anthony Marucci, Grey Healthcare Group
Wai Ng, Grey Healthcare Group
Joanna Pendzick, Grey Healthcare Group
Susan Sacks, Grey Healthcare Group
Kelly Tallent, Grey Healthcare Group
Paul Yannolo, Grey Healthcare Group
Ken Begasse Sr. , Concentric
Larry Bortman, Sudler & Hennessey
Deborah Fletcher, Sudler & Hennessey
Steven Hebert, Sudler & Hennessey
Peter L. Holmberg, Sudler & Hennessey
Celeste Kolanko, Sudler & Hennessey
Christine Lee, Sudler & Hennessey
Robin Serody, Sudler & Hennessey
Michael Ward, Sudler & Hennessey
Ed Capparucci, Adair-Greene Restructures
Mark Perlotto, Adair-Greene Restructures
Ingrid Dahlin, Palio Communications
Bill Dhalle, Palio Communications
Lori Goodale, Palio Communications
Carl Kuebler, Palio Communications
Angela McCutcheon, Palio Communications
Patrick O’Shea, Palio Communications
Michelle Petroff, Palio Communications
Julie Priddle Fowler, Palio Communications
Tiffany Ryan, Palio Communications
Bonnie Stofer, Palio Communications
Greg St. Pierre, Palio Communications
Robin Vara, Palio Communications
Amy M. Groves, Integrity Healthcare
Pam Koman-Podolak, Quantum
Tina McGill, Quantum
Becky Phillips, Quantum
Ray Purkis, Ribotsky Worldwide
Andrea Strout, Xchange