Kareem Saad — Big Blue’s Genomics Ace


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Young and talented, Kareem Saad, IBM’s worldwide business segment executive for clinical genomics, is overseeing the company’s initiative to take clinical genomics from concept to market.
With youthful enthusiasm, innate technical and scientific intelligence, and insight and thoughtfulness well beyond his years, Kareem Saad’s career is soaring, literally and figuratively. As the leader of IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences’ core integrated strategic and market development clinical genomics team, this 25-year-old executive racks up more than 300,000 air miles a year to bring the company’s innovative clinical genomics solutions to the global marketplace.
When he joined IBM in November 2001 at the age of 22, Mr. Saad already had an impressive resume. His credentials included degrees in biochemistry and computer science, hands-on laboratory experience, and familiarity with operating a business, having cofounded the Vancouver-based genomics and bioinformatics business InphoGene BioCommunications Inc. This August, he completed his MBA, and until starting InphoGene in 1999, he was pursuing a Ph.D….