Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Kevin Guthrie, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Thom Rowland, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Karen Katen, Pfizer
Jeff Kindler, Pfizer
Alan Levin, Pfizer
David Shedlarz, Pfizer
Christopher Kelly, Schering-Plough
Winston K.C. Lam, Schering-Plough
Dr. James F. McLeod, Schering-Plough
Joy G. Schmitt, Schering-Plough

Biotech POOL
Dr. Joshua Boger, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Victor A. Hartmann, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Dean Falb, Stryker Biotech
Mary Fisher, Acorda Therapeutics
John Librie, Acorda Therapeutics
Tierney Saccavino, Acorda Therapeutics
Dr. Alan Jacobs, StemCells
James Sharpe, Astralis

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Armando Anido, MedImmune
Charles F. Katzer, MedImmune
Dr. Peter A. Kiener, MedImmune
Bernardus N.M. Machielse, MedImmune
Edward T. Mathers, MedImmune
Linda J. Peters, MedImmune
Dr. Shripad Bhagwat, Ambit Bioscience
Dr. Robert deGroof, Ambit Bioscience
Dr. Abbie Celniker, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Anna Protopapas, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Dr. David Schenkein, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Nancy Simonian, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Ronald G. Eidell, NeoPharm
Sheldon Goldberg, Voyager Pharmaceutical
R. Douglas Hulse, Hemispherx Biopharma
Dr. Leander Lauffer, Trubion Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Mary Osbakken, Inotek Pharmaceuticals
Randall B. Riggs, Randall B. Riggs
Joseph A. Schlitz, Adolor
Dr. Susan Anne Watson, Aphton

Specialty POOL
Robert E. Bancroft, Healthpoint
Dr. Gosse B. Bruinsma, Axonyx
Marc Corrado, EntreMed
Dr. Philip Frost, ImClone Systems
Dr. Eric K. Rowinsky, ImClone Systems
James E. Hattersley, Antares Pharma
Michael Laferrera, Barrier Therapeutics
Steve Miller, Barrier Therapeutics
Marshall Rizzo, Barrier Therapeutics
Peter A. Lankau, Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings
Ted G. Schwarz, SkinMedica
Greg Vontz, Connetics
Tom Wiggans, Connetics

Drug-Delivery POOL
Todd MacLaughlan, CIMA Labs

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Steven E. Hanson, Pace Medical
Dr. Jelle W. Kylstra, Rita Medical Systems
Dr. Geoffrey O’Neill, Bio-Matrix Scientific Group
Stephen W. Sagon, CardioFocus

Discovery POOL
Dr. Page Bouchard, Archemix
Eric L. Dobmeier, Seattle Genetics
Dr. F. Andrew Dorr, Nereus Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Maria Paris, Enanta Pharmaceuticals

Genomics POOL
V.W. Brinkerhoff III, Gene Logic

Association POOL
Peter Dolan, The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Kevin Sharer, The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
William C. Weldon, The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
James F. Jordan, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

Agency POOL
Erin Armstrong, Palio Communications
Sean Corcoran, Palio Communications
Angie Bauerle, Abelson-Taylor
Nicole Berg, Abelson-Taylor
Rachel Lomasz, Abelson-Taylor
Ken Dec, PreVision
Malcolm Faulds, PreVision
Peter J. DeLorenzo, Qi Interactive
LeAnn Duncan-Miller, The Navicor Group
Bill Fillipp, The Navicor Group
Dr. Isadore Pike, The Navicor Group
Doug Plessinger, The Navicor Group
David Querry, The Navicor Group
John Finan, Adient
Roberta Lipp, Adient
Todd Forte, MCS
Ginger Hall, MCS
Jeff Hoyak, MCS
Olga Silva, MCS
Paul D. Giroux, Sudler & Hennessey
Gicell Hernandez, Torre Lazur McCann (TLM) West
Dr. Peter Mirabile, Fission Communications
William J. Reilly Jr., RealTime Media
Terry Wachalter, Flaum Partners

Dr. Rose Blackburne, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Marc Capobianco, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Harish Dave, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Richard Oh, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Lori Stone, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Neddie Zadeikis, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Leslie Bunce, INC Research
Dr. Carl M. Leventhal, INC Research
Kyle McAllister, Radiant Research
Susan Romberg, Chiltern International

Contract-Sales POOL
Andy Baldwin, Ventiv Pharma Services
Julia Kelly, Ventiv Pharma Services
Brad Patten, Ventiv Pharma Services

Media POOL
Lynn Chaiken, RealAge
Priscilla Valls, RealAge
Rich Wellen, RealAge
Jennifer Willey, RealAge
Joe DeCicco, HMP Communications
Carson McBrayer, HMP Communications
Dr. Lauren Gallagher, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Alex Loeb, Complete Healthcare Communications
Kelly Reith, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Peter Rittenhouse, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Kevin Ryder, Complete Healthcare Communications
Emily Leonard, Intellisphere
Nick Luciano, Quadrant HealthCom
Shannon Miller, Jobson Education Group
Tony Perraglia, Jobson Education Group
Heather Wood, Jobson Education Group

Medical-Education POOL
Wendy C. Ashmen, Dimensional HealthCare
Donna M. Dardine, Dimensional HealthCare
Warren A. Dardine, Dimensional HealthCare
Adam B. Serody, Dimensional HealthCare
Kevin Flynn, Fusion Medical Education
Sarah Mooney, INNOVIA Education Institute
Reggi Veatch, INNOVIA Education Institute
Dr. Eve Wilson, INNOVIA Education Institute

Service POOL
Dr. Stephen J. Boccuzzi, PharMetrics
Anna Buckley, Communications Media
Nichole Campanale, Communications Media
Sara Hendler, Communications Media
Kharen Jones, Communications Media
Lauren Kushner, Communications Media
Eric A. Corkhill, TMG Health
Patricia Devereux, Medidata Solutions
Joseph Grispo, Medidata Solutions
Brian Leiser, Medidata Solutions
Daniel Mudgett, Medidata Solutions
Ihab Ghaly, J. Knipper and Company
James O’Donnell, J. Knipper and Company
Laurie Plotch, J. Knipper and Company
Grant Jackson, The Aurora Funds
Dr. Chris Kroeger, The Aurora Funds
Dr. Martin D. Madaus, Millipore
Jeff Martini, SciQuest
Christa Nicholas, CHS
Waynne Waterfield, CHS
Allen Stegall, Group DCA
Rebecca Wheeler, Advanced Health Media
Dr. Steven D. Wood, J.D. Power and Associates

Technology/Web POOL
Dr. Gary Gabriel, LifeTree Technology
Kevin M. King, Thomson Scientific and Healthcare
Steve Powell, Phase Forward
Jason Reynolds, Phase Forward