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Security: Big Brother Really Could Be Watching
In September, PharmaVOICE’s feature article, Biometrics — Beyond Passwords, examined the potential use of biological markers, such as fingerprints and iris scans, in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure security. The Computer Crime and Security Survey, conducted by the Computer Security Institute with the participation of the San Francisco Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Computer Intrusion Squad, paints a compelling portrait of just how often crime occurs on computer networks and just how expensive such crime can be. Even organizations that have deployed a wide range of security technologies can fall victim to significant losses. Furthermore, the percentage of these incidents that are reported to law enforcement agencies remains low. So attackers may reasonably infer that the odds against their being caught and prosecuted remain strongly in their favor.
According to the CSI/FBI 2003 survey, respondents were asked what kind of security technologies they had employed to protect their organizations. Virtually all organizations use antivirus software (99%) and firewalls (98%). Most (91%) employ some kind of physical security to protect their computer and information assets and most employ some measure of access control (92%)…

Opinion Responses:

Treat Passwords With Respect
Stephen Ruger, Project Manager

Differentiating Between Security and Privacy
Craig Cuyar, Ph.D, Senior VP, Chief Information Officer, CommonHealth

For the Sake of Self-preservation
Terry Nugent, VP, Marketing, Medical Marketing Service Inc. (MMS)

Benefits Beyond Security
Mark Stinson, President, Brand Innovation Inc.

Personal Choice
Paul Buta, Chief Operating Officer, Optas Inc.

A Changing World
Norma-Jeanne Hennis, M.S., President, MedPharm Communications LLC

Increased Security Isn’t Working
Chris Conley, VP, Medical Affairs Division, Steffin Kutzman & Associates

Protection Not Abdication
Ajit Baid, Consulting Manager Healthcare & Lifesciences, Frost & Sullivan

Definitely in Favor
David M. McCarty, Koehler & McCarty

No Simple Answer
Mitchell Goldberg, National Sales Manager, Retail Mallinckrodt

Securing the Public
Andy Weissberg, Executive VP, CPRi Communications

Technology Dependency
Julie Kelly, Senior, Director Marketing and Business Development, Ventiv Pharma Services

Drawing the Line
Mark Anzalone, Principa,l M2 WorldWide Inc.

Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages
Cricket Darby, Ph.D., Senior Medical Writer, Scientific Affairs, Interlink Healthcare Communications

Nothing to Hide
Avis L. Bridgers, M.S.ADME Team Leader, Cardinal Health

Study Goals Could Be Improved
Jules T. Mitchel, MBA, Ph.D., President, Target Health Inc.