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Product Description

Pharma Pool
Stephen Aselage
, Retrophin
Dr. Jeannette Barrett, Astellas
Dr. Jeffrey Bloss, Astellas
Dr. Bernhardt Zeiher, Astellas
Dr. Morris Birnbaum, Pfizer
Saeed Motahari, Purdue Pharma

Biotech Pool
Dr. Timothy Fong, Cellerant Therapeutics
Dr. Jagath Reddy Junutula, Cellerant Therapeutics
Dr. Robert Friesen, Janssen’s Biotechnology Center of Excellence
Dr. William Strohl, Janssen’s Biotechnology Center of Excellence
Dr. Richard Rudick, Biogen Idec

Biopharma Pool
Mark Alles
, Celgene
Dr. Jacqualyn Fouse, Celgene
Scott Smith, Celgene
Thomas Anderson, Sage Therapeutics
Dr. Ivan Gergel, Nektar Therapeutics
Dr. Thomas Parr, Spero Therapeutics
Dr. Gary Sternberg, Eleven Biotherapeutics

Emerging Pool
Dr. Roger Pomerantz
, Seres Health
Dr. Duncan Walker, Forma Therapeutics

Specialty Pool
Melissa Bradford Klug
, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

CRO Pool
Dr. Sy Pretorius
, Parexel
Susan Romberg, Chiltern
Dr. Michael Wisniewski, Chiltern

Agency Pool
Matt Balogh
, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Skot Kremen, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Ritesh Patel, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Debra Feath, McCann Torre Lazur
Katharine Imbro, McCann Torre Lazur
Modesto Rodriguez, McCann Torre Lazur
Rob Thomas, McCann Torre Lazur
Luke Waldrum, McCann Torre Lazur
Sara Zaccheo, McCann Torre Lazur

Consulting Pool
Dr. Edmundo Muniz
, Certara

Service Pool
Jim Owens

Technology Pool
Neal Bibeau
, Symphony Health Solutions
Robert Gabruk, Symphony Health Solutions