Why Investigators Hold the Cards to Clinical Trial Success


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Product Description

Clinical trials demand the active participation of investigators. It’s that simple. And that complicated.
The doctor-investigators who commit their time and expertise to upholding the integrity of a clinical trial need our help and encouragement. We already know they value the opportunity to be involved at the cutting edge of exciting drug development and to provide new treatment options for their patients. But the current marketplace climate is doing anything…

Dr. Claire Sears
, Investigator Engagement, DrugDev. DrugDev has the industry’s largest global network of active investigators, comprising over 80,000 investigators in 115 countries. DrugDev acquired CFS Clinical in October 2013 and TrialNetworks in  May 2014 and together they create global, standardized processes to promote collaboration among sponsors, CROs, and sites in finding, engaging, and paying investigators. Innovative solutions
include study feasibility, site identification, trial optimization, site contracting, essential document management and investigator payments. For more information, visit