Insights Hidden in Data Represent Opportunities for Drug and Medical Device Developers


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Product Description

    As speed and cost become increasingly important in health care, more and more decision making will be “shared,” requiring increased data transparency, collection and analysis. Pharmaceutical and medical device innovators can now generate substantial value across the health care spectrum by leveraging this data to improve decision making, optimize innovation, improve the efficiency of research and clinical trials and build new tools for physicians, insurers and regulators to evaluate products…

Doug Dockhorn
, President and CEO, Accelerated Vision. Accelerated Vision uses breakthrough data intelligence technology originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence Community to help product developers, patient groups, and other companies gain additional insight into data they own or collect. The company’s solutions, SeeAll and KnoAll, simultaneously collect and analyze a virtually unlimited number of variables in both numbers and text, and cross-reference multiple data sources in real time. Information thus analyzed is presented in graphical formats that allow relationships and other insights to emerge. Accelerated Vision helps drug and device companies improve ROI by mitigating development and manufacturing risk and resolving compliance issues. For more information, visit