Corporate Crystal Ball: Trends From the Top


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Product Description

From the ACA to a value-based system, executives representing all aspects of the life-sciences industry name the top trends they believe will impact near and long-term success.

Phil Birch, Senior VP, Global Strategic Marketing, Aptiv Solutions

1. Value-Based System. The evolving transformation of the U.S. healthcare market into a value-based system will amplify realities already emerging in advanced healthcare markets worldwide. The pressures of the value-based system will shape how sponsor companies acquire evidence to support value-based payment structures, forcing an evolution of current practices.

2. Adaptive Trial Designs. A continuance of regulatory support for adaptive trial designs, both at conferences and through agency-issued guidances, will accelerate adoption and break through the barriers identified by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development and others. Portfolio-wide adoption of adaptive design will address fundamental factors that suppress the success rate of drug development.

3. High-Value Medicines. Also achievable through adaptive design is the successful marketing of high value medicines that work in specific subpopulations of patients, where the health economic arguments become stronger. The adoption of enrichment designs will drive the development of highly successful targeted therapies, and in the process save a number of new medicines that either wouldn’t make it through a pivotal trial or would fail to achieve success at the pricing and reimbursement step.