Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent

Pharma POOL
Matthew E. Czajkowski, aaiPharma
John Kelley, The Medicines Company
Dr. Ted Lithgow, Schering-Plough
Karl D. Salnoske, Schering-Plough
Dr. William Stagner, Pozen

Biotech POOL

Dr. John E. Bishop, Momenta Pharmaceuticals
Michael A. Lawless, Momenta Pharmaceuticals
Dario Eklund, Organogenesis
Dr. Matthias Kurth, Ceregene
Daniel Lee, Ceregene
Jeff Morhet, InNexus Biotechnology
Dr. Kerry Reinertsen, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Pamela Joy Barton, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Paula Craft, Callisto Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Rebecca Dabora, Altus Pharmaceuticals
Martin J. Duvall, MGI Pharma
Steven Kelly, Innovive Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Michael J. Manyak, Cytogen
Evan Myrianthopoulos, DOR BioPharma
Michael T. Sember, DOR BioPharma
Michael J. Nestor, NanoBio
Dr. Nita U. Patel, GenVec

Specialty POOL
Charles J. Casamento, Osteologix
Dr. Henry Kwan, NovaDel Pharma
William H. Washecka, Prestwick Pharmaceuticals

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Dr. David Bolick, Grant Life Sciences
John Brannigan, Tissue Science Laboratories
Wade Fox, Tissue Science Laboratories
Jo Proffitt, Tissue Science Laboratories
Gregg Theaker, Tissue Science Laboratories
Mike Waller, Tissue Science Laboratories
John Kilcoyne, Micrus
Gary M. Saxton, BioSphere Medical

Genomics POOL
Anthony E. Altig, Diversa
Dr. Colin Dykes, OpGen
R.H. Joseph Shaw, OpGen
Tim Germann, U.S. Genomics
Dr. Dennis Gilbert, Applied Biosystems

Emerging POOL
David J. Gury, Oragenics
Dr. Elliot F. Hahn, SoLapharm
Dr. Steven D. Reich, Attenuon

Association POOL
Dr. Ronald Meeusen, BioCrossroads
Patrick Vazquez, Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies Association

Agency POOL
Jennifer Alampi, Torre Lazur McCann
Jane Ames, Torre Lazur McCann
Matt Leung, Torre Lazur McCann
Vanessa Levin, Torre Lazur McCann
Dan Bobear, Palio Communications
Maggie Dearden, Palio Communications
David Paprocki, Palio Communications
Camille DeSantis, Edelman
Elaine Eisen, Corbett Accel Healthcare Group
Tina Fascetti, Stonefly Communications Group
Dr. Lauren Gallagher, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Alex Loeb, Complete Healthcare Communications
Kelly Reith, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Peter Rittenhouse, Complete Healthcare Communications
Dr. Kevin Ryder, Complete Healthcare Communications
Sandra Teichman, Complete Healthcare Communications
Paul Hendley, A.B. Isacson Associates
Steve Spittel, Interlink Healthcare Communications

Consulting POOL
Larry Levin, Market Strategies
Jim Perry, Market Strategies
Dr. Joe Romero, Market Strategies

Dr. Pradip Banerjee, Essential Group
Dr. Nancy Gillet, Charles River Laboratories International
Glenn Kerkhof, Charles River Laboratories International
Paul A. Oskar III, Charles River Laboratories International
Christopher Perkin, Charles River Laboratories International
Jennifer Henry-Smith, Pacific Biometrics

Media POOL
Mark Altier, International Medical News Group
Jeffrey R. Davis, International Medical News Group
Alan Imhoff, International Medical News Group
Janice Theobald, International Medical News Group
Calvin Butts, HMP Communications
Jane Cammarata, Slack
Chris d’Eon, RealAge
Phil Molinaro, Quadrant HealthCom
Sharon J. Spector, Dowden Health Media

Medical-Education POOL
Michael J. Raffin, Nexus Communications
Jenine Serritella, The Institute for Advanced Health Education
Carole Sherwood, AAF-MED

Service POOL
Dr. Anders Boss, Dimensional HealthCare
Mimi Quinones, Dimensional HealthCare
Martyn D. Greenacre, Beijing Med-Pharm
Erik Halstrom, FFF Enterprises
Kay Harwood, AllPoints Research
Dr. Roger J. Lias, Cytovance Biologics
Joseph C. Papa, Cardinal Health
Mikael Reimerson, invivodata
Technology/Web POOL
Ronald Lacy, Intrasphere Technologies