Hidden Talents


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What are their hidden talents?

Our honorees have and share a multitude of talents. They are creative, innovative, ­encouraging, visionary, engaging, etc. But they also have some lesser known abilities that make them uniquely them.

Dr. Dan Baker throws a mean curveball.
Dr. Scott ­Chappel, who bats lefty, can ­really hit a ­baseball.
Steve Collis is a talented ­swimmer.
Amy Ellis is a great archer.
Dr. Joseph Kim can kick a hacky sack or ­soccer ball ­several dozen times in the air.
Dr. Kevin Lustig is a great roller blader.
Mauricha Marcussen is a spinning ­instructor.
Marc Sirockman is a ­talented slalom water skier.
André Wyss rides ­motorcycles.
David Zaritsky is proficient with nunchucks and a bo staff and has practiced weaponry since he was 15 years old.
Jessica Brueggeman can recite the Cajun Night Before Christmas in bayou dialect.
Walter Capone speaks six ­languages: Italian, French, Dutch, ­German, Spanish, and a little English.
Dr. Francis Collins is ­excellent at spotting split ­infinitives.
Jim Curtis  often knows the right ­questions to ask.
David Hahn can imitate a horse so convincingly that his boys can’t stop laughing.
Kerry Hilton can do a mean Johnny Cash ­imitation.
Mike Kelly is a good storyteller.
Rachel King has a ­talent for studying foreign languages.
Tim McCort is good at ­reading lips and reading words upside down.
Adrienne Robinson writes silly, humorous poetry.
Nick Colucci has a knack for pairing food and wine.
Jeff Kueffer is ­exceptionally good at baking in a dutch oven.
David Rear packs a dishwasher ­better than anyone.
John Guarino has a good singing voice.
Dr. Antony Loebel plays the piano.
Michael O’Gorman plays drums.
Art Pirrone grew up singing bass in doo-wop groups.
Dr. David Segarnick is a classical concert guitarist.
Graham Simpson composes cheesy songs for his wife on the guitar.
Kent Thoelke has a very, very loud operatic singing voice.
Alexandra von Plato has a talent for torch singing.
R.J. Lewis enjoy animals, and dog ­training in ­particular.
Christine Pierre knits so fast she once gave a flight attendant a scarf on a flight from DC to CA. 
Sharon ­Presnell can paint and draw.
Abbe Steel  is the fastest two-finger typist on earth.
Pam Strobel can wriggle her ears.