Dr. Peter Milner — In Search of Real Solutions


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From his years in medical school and throughout his career, Peter Milner, M.D., has questioned conventional wisdom, always looking for new ways to approach diseases and the drugs that treat them.
It is thatinquisitiveness, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, that led Dr. Milner to form ARYx Therapeutics, a company that is seeking to become the industry standard for safer drugs.
Invention comes naturally to Peter Milner, M.D. From his years in academia to practicing medicine to creating life-sciences companies, Dr. Milner has sought answers to difficult questions and has looked for real solutions to the problems patients face.
“The experiences that I have had through my years in medicine and being an entrepreneur really shape what I do,” says Dr. Milner, the cofounder, president, and CEO of ARYx Therapeutics Inc. “The opportunities that we seek at ARYx are based on real-time experiences in medicine and at the bedside.”
ARYx is an emerging, privately held biopharma company with a focus on improving today’s drugs by making proven therapies safer through its retrometabolic drug-design technologies. The company’s goal is to treat significant medical needs unresolved by currently available therapies because of limitations in drug design and metabolism problems…

Lessons Learned Along The Way
Working Backward for Safety
From Questions to Invention