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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent

Pharma POOL
Dr. Mahdi B. Fawzi, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Frank S. Walsh, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Lori Moore, Novo Nordisk
Joe Young, Novo Nordisk
Gail S. Thornton, Schering-Plough

Biotech POOL

Dr. Willard Dere, Amgen
Dr. Charles S. Swindell, Phyton Biotech

Biopharmaceutical POOL

Dr. David Apelian, GlobeImmune
Kirk Christoffersen, GlobeImmune
Jeffrey H. Buchalter, Enzon Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Ton Bunt, Oscient Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Ed Cannon, AdipoGenix
Robert Doman, DUSA Pharmaceuticals
Ann Neale, Saegis Pharmaceuticals

Specialty POOL
Harry Carmitchel, Osiris Therapeutics
John R. Post, InfaCare
Timothy C. Tyson, Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Leslie J. Williams, Ventaira Pharmaceuticals

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Dr. W. Jeffrey Allard, Fujirebio Diagnostics
Sidney A. Aroesty, Diagnostic Products
Martin J. Emerson, American Medical Systems
Dr. Albert E. Heacox, CryoLife
Dr. Frederick A. Robertson, TomoTherapy
Scott A. Root, Astra Tech

Discovery POOL
Dr. Craig Saxton, Neurogen

Genomics POOL
David Ichikawa, Sangamo BioSciences

Emerging POOL
Dr. David Fry, Genetics Squared
Dr. Peter Lenehan, Genetics Squared
Ronald D. Henriksen, Semafore Pharmaceuticals

Association POOL
Rabia Akram, American Medical Association
Sue Ann Capizzi, American Medical Association
Charles Craig, Georgia Biomedical Partnership
David Johnson, BioCrossroads

Agency POOL
Dr. Robert Caspari, Stonefly Communications Group
Jennifer Hastings, Stonefly Communications Group
Larry Sanata, Stonefly Communications Group
Tara Shade, Stonefly Communications Group
Jeff Tobin, Stonefly Communications Group
Steve Cragle, Dorland Global Health Communications
Amber Poland, Dorland Global Health Communications
Joe Soto, Dorland Global Health Communications
Analia Del Giorgio, Palio Communications
Bruce Weinberg, Palio Communications
Carleen Kelly, Corbett Accel Healthcare Group
Michael Ouimette, Torre Lazur West
Dr. John Tapper, The Ziment Group

Media POOL
Dr. Ho-Leung Fung, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Medical-Education POOL
Dr. Richard Avenia, ProCom International

Service POOL
Dr. Geoffrey R. Barker, A. M. Pappas & Associates
Dr. Charles Hsu, A. M. Pappas & Associates
Leanne Davis, Communications Media
John Loughran, Communications Media
Karima Sharif, Communications Media
Daphne Ewing, Octagon Research Solutions
Giovanni A. Ferrara, Burrill & Company
Bryant E. Fong, Burrill & Company
Richard T. Haiduck, Burrill & Company
David Haselwood, Burrill & Company
Stephen M. Kujawa, Burrill & Company
Rizwan Velji, Burrill & Company
James D. Watson, Burrill & Company
Shelli Field, TVG

John MacVean Lally

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