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For Mark Ahn, Ph.D., leadership is less about the power of one individual and more about the creation of heroic teams. Using a mix of literature, history, and traditional business skills, Dr. Ahn has found ways to unlock the imagination of his colleagues and employees at Hana Biosciences to build a company with a vision for bringing treatments to patients with cancer.
Classicism and history rarely are considered central planks in corporate leadership. But for Mark J. Ahn, Ph.D., these disciplines are not impenetrable areas of academia but a powerful way to unlock employees’ imagination to propel their success and that of the company.
“Despite the corporate dramas of late, a central and abiding truth is that business is not about heroic leaders but leadership, and I believe that leadership is fundamentally a group exercise,” says Dr. Ahn, president and CEO of Hana Biosciences Inc. “Whether we are speaking about the accomplishments of the ancient Greeks or breakthroughs in today’s gene therapy companies, cultures and organizations can produce extraordinary results when they empower teams capable of heroic behavior.”
Dr. Ahn has injected this team spirit into Hana Biosciences, bringing together a group of people who strive to work together for the benefit of the company as well as for each member of the team. The building of that team was a central tenet of Hana’s formation.

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