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Product Description

Lilly Recognized for Fifth Straight Year by NAFE
Physicians Interactive CEO Receives Award

Rise in Drug Costs to Hospitals, Clinics Slowing
Shire Raises Awareness of Diabetes and its Complications
Dramatic Shift in the Physician-Patient Conversation
Handwritten Scripts Still Outpace E-Prescribing
Biopharmaceutical Industry Facing R&D Talent Gap

Acurian Celebrates 15 Years
Fingerpaint Celebrates 5 Years
HBA Honors Industry Leaders

Transitioning Clinical Trial Patients to ­Commercial Supply via Managed Access ­Programs
Thought Leaders: Dr. Suzanne Gagnon, Idis;
Dr. Karen Searle, Eisai Global Clinical Development; and Dr. Michelle Gee, Eisai Global Clinical ­Development

What Do Mick Jagger, Diabetes, Heart ­Disease, and Cancer Have in Common?
Thought Leader: Melissa Hammond, Snowfish

White papers
e-Promotion Resonates with Next-Generation Physicians
Sponsored by: Encuity Research

Penetrating the Universal Emerging Market: Answers to 10 Key Questions on Developing and Marketing Therapies for the Aging ­Population
Sponsored by: Snowfish

Continuing Access Post-Clinical Trial
(Case Study)
Sponsored by: Idis