Confluence Marketing: A Union of Forces for a Shared Outcome


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In an exclusive to PharmaVOICE, Daniel Teper, Pharm.D., MBA, CEO, of Energy & Company, a strategic communications company, discusses why it’s important for the various stakeholders in healthcare to come together for a shared agenda.
Confluence marketing is a philosophy and a process for sharing ideas across key customer groups and breaking down traditional divides. It is precisely at the confluence of these groups that true marketing power is unleashed, and when the marketing agenda should be set.
Confluence marketing creates a network of interactions among customer groups and constituencies to shape an agenda favorable to a brand, a corporation, or a cause, according to Daniel Teper, Pharm.D., CEO of Energy & Company. The goal of confluence marketing is to create conditions that enable the confluence, or the flowing together of the customer groups’ diverse and sometimes discordant ideas and perspectives into a larger, singular entity. Like smaller streams coming together to form a large river, the new agenda is more powerful than any individual group’s agenda could ever be. It is focused, consensual, and owned by the constituent groups.