Telehealth and Patient Outcomes: The Wave of the Future


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Product Description

Now more than ever, the industry faces the challenge of demonstrating that its products improve health outcomes and, therefore, companies need to take greater efforts to supply and support tools that help track patient outcomes and improve care. Experts participating in this forum about pharma’s role in telehealth represent several sectors of the industry: pharmaceutical, government, research, and telehealth service providers.
According to a report by E&Y, success in the life-sciences industry will no longer be measured by the number of prescriptions written, but by how many of those prescriptions or devices improve the health of the patient. For life-sciences companies, emerging outcomes-based incentive systems are completely disrupting existing business models and creating a chain reaction that will impact every portion…

Telehealth vs. Telemedicine
Industry-related Benefits of ­Telehealth Technologies
World’s Largest Telehealth Randomized Trial 

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