Segmentation and Personalization Brings Targets into Focus


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Product Description

Sophisticated technology and a more diverse field of targets are creating a new segmentation model that moves away from the practice of solely monitoring prescribing behaviors.
The new environment requires strategies that can effectively determine the most appropriate channels and the best message for each of its audiences. Timing, channel, media, content, and even tone are all variables that can be tweaked to produce effective messaging. Technology advances in capturing real-time data and the need for reducing costs and eliminating waste in messaging the wrong targets…

GSK Improves Process for Digital ­Engagement

Pat Connelly
. Associate ­Director, Corporate ­Communications, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, a ­biopharma company. For more information, visit
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David Ormesher. closerlook, inc., a digital marketing agency that helps pharma brands build and maintain meaningful relationships with their most valuable healthcare professionals. For more information, visit or email
Lou Shapiro. Senior VP of ­Business Development, Tunstall AMAC, a global provider of living technologies and 24/7 healthcare communication services to connect individuals, caregivers, and healthcare providers to empower better health. For more ­information, visit
Neil Weisman. Executive VP and General Manager, Blue Chip ­Healthcare Marketing, leveraging brand building, pharmacy, retail ­marketing and healthcare insights in marketing campaigns ranging from home blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol testing to ­improving patient compliance. For more ­information, visit