Facing the Challenges of Global Product Registration


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Product Description

One could say keeping track of global product registrations and staying compliant with regional and international regulations is more difficult than herding cats — if that common phrase used to describe a situation where numerous and competing elements that constantly change and need to be coordinated toward an uncertain outcome…

Wim Cypers
. VP, Regulatory ­Affairs, ArisGlobal, a provider of integrated software solutions for pharmacovigilance and safety, regulatory affairs, research, and ­medical. For more information, visit
Henrietta Ukwu, M.D. Senior VP, Global Regulatory Affairs, PPD, a contract research organization providing drug ­discovery, ­development, and ­lifecycle management services. For more ­information, visit
Jennifer Wemstrom. Head of Software Solutions Group Strategy, CSC Life Sciences, a provider of regulatory software and ­services for the life-sciences ­industry. For more information, visit or email ­